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FREE! A Day in a Life in After World Short Stories

These are a series of short stories based in the same world as the book series A Life in After World. Instead of telling the life story of one character, however, these stories tell the story of one day in the life of a person in After World.

Sugar is sweet. Sugar is pretty. Sugar is a mouse.
Eek! A mouse!
Mice are the bane of every city as they live in the cracks and hovels and steal any food they can. You can try to poison them but they tend to be immune. As if they did not have short enough natural lives, they rarely get to live out their years because to normal humans mice are considered less than worthless.
Sugar dreams of a better life. She is doing everything she can to try to get past the stigma of being a mouse.

Dru’Ar is perfectly suited for life in the forest. His keen sense of smell alerts him to sources of food. His night vision helps him to see in the dark. And his fur not only keeps him warm but it’s mottled grey color makes it perfect for hiding in the shadows. Dru’Ar is a furry. His people have developed some animal like features that make them well suited for forest life. But Dru’Ar never felt comfortable in the forest. He likes the city. And so he has set out to make his life in Saint Ellwood.

Brach is a thief. He is a petty thief, but he steals a little more than he needs to survive. He is assisted in his chose profession by a unique set of abilities he has. When he concentrates, he can affect the way things move. He has bought 13 meals on the same gold coin and he gets change every time. After he pays, he just calls the coin back to him. He is always seeking a way to get ahead by using his ability. He is also looking for a girl.

SoGlog Southfield is virtual royalty. He could swim before he could walk. Born on a flotilla of barges in the gulf, SoGlog is a trader with a purpose. He is on a mission to secure some technology for his people. He is very serious but tends to be soft at heart.
This is the short story that inspired the NaNoWriMo book of the title: A Life In After World: SoGlog Southfield.

Maggie does not have a name really. She is programmed to serve one purpose. She is a clone and her purpose is to live an interesting and full life and hope that when the time comes, Mother will select her to merge with so that she can live on forever.
But she has been ordered terminated by Mother and now she has no purpose. She must find a way to get away from her people a live a life of her own. With the help of a rogue AI, can she get away?

Farsid is on his way to the top and he does not care if he leaves brainless bodies trailed behind him as he goes. Farsid is a witch and uses his mental powers to exert his influence on people and sometimes even to scrape their brains for knowledge which generally leaves the victim with something akin to scrambled eggs afterward. His only problem is that he cannot concentrate to his full potential without a crutch. And his crutch has just been stolen.

FREE! A Death in After World Short Stories

Seek not pleasure or fancy beyond this point. These stories are not for everyone and I would warn against those that are faint of heart from continuing. The deaths contained in these stories are no pretty, glamorized, or funny. They are detailed and raw.

A Death in After World is a short story series that focuses on the death of a person in the After World universe. Pitfalls, deaths, and murder are commonplace and are a means of survival for others.

Death is final. Death is abrupt. Death is the end of one’s story. Now these people get their last story told before the book is closed on them.

Rennet is a mouse. Mice have hard enough lives, but Rennet has a hard death. Hungry, discarded, and abused, this mouse’s day goes from bad, to worse, to finished.

Terry and Sylvia have worked together throughout the Red Sun Millennia, thanks to being in an underground bunker, and have achieved miracles of medical science including cloning. In fact they have cloned Terry and transferred his memories into another body. Mess with nature though and death soon follows. This is the tale of Terry’s death.

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