The things you find out when writing: What is the part of bread called that is not the crust?

Many people peal or cut the crust off of their bread, but what is left over when there is no crust?  Is it just bread?  The crust s part of the bread so it seems there should be some other term.  I really was curious because I wanted to describe in my story some bread that was a little wet on the outside from sitting on a cell floor but stale on the inside. So what is an author to do but Google it.

It turns out there is a term for it.

I grew up calling it the “white” and I find other people calling it the “soft part”.  The actual term for it is the “crumb”  While we normally think of crumb being a small tiny piece of bread or cake, it is the term for the inside of the bread that is not the crust.  The word has become almost archaic in its usage in this manner but everything has to be called something right?

So next time you are at that fancy smancy restaurant, the one that serves that little loaf of bread, and you are cutting off a slice for your better half you can ask him/her, “Would you like the crust or the crumb?”  When they give you a funny luck you can dork out on them and explain to them the name of that white stuff and sound super smart and annoying.

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