NaNoWriMo update: And what does the Rabbit think? (PREVIEW)

Good evening,

I have been concentrating hard on meeting my goals in NaNoWriMo and now on day 16 I am currently at over 31K words and still going hard.  Check out below for a small preview:

All the kids lay in the field with their spears in hand. Mass’Ar put a finger to his lips.
Along with Grecce’An, he taught Foal’An, Bob’Ar, and Yell’An how to stalk the prey.
“You tay down below ze graz.” He said in a low voice.
“You are talking funny.” Foal’An said at a normal volume.
Mass’Ar looked back back at the field and watched a brown rabbit dash into some brambles. He stood up. “Okay, that one is spooked now, it will take a little while before it comes out.”
“This is boring!” Bob’Ar sighed loudly.
“And a little longer still.” Mass’Ar’s shoulders drooped.
Yell’An patted Bob’Ar’s shoulder.
“I don’t even know why we have to do this.” Foal’An stood up.
“Would you get down?” Mass’Ar demanded.
“So why did you talk funny earlier and you are yelling now?” Bob’Ar asked.
“I was trying not to say anything with an S sound in it as those are the loudest whispers and tha animals can hear them clearly. That’s why all animal warning sounds like hisses.”
“Wolves howl.” Bob’Ar offered.
“Are you related to Izzy’An?” Mass’Ar asked the young boy.
Grecce’An gave him a stern look for that statement and he apologized internally and she felt it and forgave him.
“Listen, Why don’t we just all duck down, stay quiet for a couple of minutes and I sure the rabbit will come out and Mass’Ar can show us how to kill it.”
“I hear you can kill animals just by looking at them.” Foal’An remained standing and crossed her arms.
Grecce’An narrowed her eyes and stared hard at the girl.
Foal’An and stood there staring back and then suddenly screamed and ran to hide behind Mass’Ar. “She is looking at me! She is trying to kill me!”
Mass’Ar shook his head and looked at the ground. “If she wanted you dead, I doubt you would still be alive.”
Yell’An finally spoke up. “Is it true?”
“Is what true?” Mass’Ar asked the young girl.
“Can she kill animals by looking at them?”
Mass’Ar looked at the witch and shrugged.
Grecce’An offered, “It’s not so much killing them with my mind, I just make their brain stop working and then they are easy for the hunters to kill.”
“I don’t believe you!” Foal’An stuck out a lip belying her more mature age than the other children present.
Grecce’An frowned then looked out over the field. After a couple of silent moments she pointed at the thicket.
All the children got up and looked across the field. The thicket shook slightly.
“That’s nothing.” Foal’An said defiantly. “The wind was blowing.”
Then a gray swamp rabbit emerged. It sniffed around and looked directly at them with it’s left eye.
Everyone present turned and looked at Grecce’An and saw she had her eyes shut.
“Coincidence.” Foal’An declared.
Grecce’An shook slightly with a snort.
They looked back at the rabbit. It looked at them then started hopping across the field towards them.
Foal’An waved her hands and shouted “Shoo rabbit!”
The rabbit startled but only for a moment. It continued straight towards them.
Yell’An ran out into the field.
The rabbit froze in fright at the approaching child and almost ran, but then appeared to make a decision and it hopped towards her.
When the girl reached the rabbit the animal appeared torn between running for it and hopping into her arms. Yell’An made the decision for the creature and scooped it up in her arms. “It’s really cute and too small to eat!”
Foal’An looked at the witch and saw she still had her eyes closed but wore a broad smile. She took the couple of steps closing the distance between Grecce’An and her self and then shoved.
As Grecce’An fell over she opened her eyes and everyone heard Yell’An scream from the field.
As Mass’Ar ran out to help the girl he saw the rabbit disappear into the thicket. Small scratches covered the young girl’s arms, stomach, and chest.
“Why did you do that?” Grecce’An demanded as she righted herself.
“Because you are a witch and you are too dangerous!” Foal’An shouted and turned to leave.
Grecce’An growled and reached a hand out towards the retreating girl.
Foal’An turned around roughly and suddenly walked back to the kids. “I am stupid and I should not ever be allowed to reproduce!”
Grecce’An bust out laughing.
Foal’An screamed. “I did not mean to say that! You forced me to say that!”
The girl stormed off and looked back at the laughing witch a couple of times before disappearing into the trees.
Mass’Ar arrived back with Yell’An in tow. “You are not doing yourself any favors by making enemies out of the kids here.”
“I thought it was hilarious!” Bob’Ar said.
Grecce’An smirked and pointed at the young boy. “You heard him.”
Mass’Ar shook his head. “I think our lesson is done for the day. Let’s go home.”

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