More words for Grecce’An

Wrapping up tonight’s writing. I am through a bit of Chapter 2 already with 5,363 words of the story told so far.

Short excerpt from tonight:

“Again you compare her to you?” Drog’Ar barked. “She is different, she is more powerful than you are and she is only a year old. What do you think she will do in another year? She will know every little secret of every member of the tribe.”
“Do you have secrets you are trying to hide?” Crula’An now spoke mentally to the outspoken furry.
Drog’Ar seized up. “No.” He said in a weak voice.
Crula’An in that instant knew all his dirty secrets and he knew she did. She found herself shivering at the knowledge of some of those secrets and saw right then how the counsel members could see her as such a threat.
Drog’Ar faded back from the conversation.

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