Translators are bad with names #excerpt Feldsharp

“What is your name?” Feldsharp went down on a knee and still towered over the little girl.

She looked left and right and then up into his eyes.  “Translator.” She said finally.

“No, that is what you do, what is your name?” Heart knelt down next to Feldsharp.

Translator looked down at the floor and pulled at her fingertips.  She looked up finally.  “I don’t know how to tell you my name.  You have never heard it before.”

“Then just say it.” Heart said.  “Do not translate it, just say it.”

The girl looked down again then over at the sailors.  They all looked away from her.  She looked over at Short One.  He turned away as well.  Finally she looked right at Feldsharp’s face. “Fanyi.”

Feldsharp smiled.

She returned the smile. “No one has ever asked me that before.”

He held out his arms towards her and she ran over to him and he engulfed her in a hug.

“No one has done this either.” She said as she tried to return it but could not even get her arms around his sides.

“Okay. Enough!” Boat Leader said from his place in the room.

“Can you say his name without translating it because I don’t think it is really Boat Leader?” Heart asked.

Fanyi stepped back and shrugged.

Feldsharp stood up and pointed at Boat Captain. “What is your name?” He immediately held up a hand towards Fanyi.

“Bide.” The captain replied.

Feldsharp pointed at Second.

“Bauluo.” Replied the sailor.

He pointed to Third.


He scanned the room till his eyes fell on Short One.


Feldsharp pointed at himself, “Feldsharp Halftall.”

He pointed at Heart. “Heart”

He gestured again towards Fanyi to continue translating.

“That makes more sense.” Bide stated.  “Translators are bad with names.”

“Is there anyone else on this ship that requires the services of Fanyi?” Feldsharp asked.

Bide knitted his eyebrows. “Fanyi?”

“Fanyi is the name of your translator.” Feldsharp stated.  “You would know that if you asked.”

“You do not interact with the translator.”  Bide repeated. “It is not correct to ask it questions.”

“She is a she.” Heart stepped up.

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