Tales of Uncle Catpaws – How I Almost Lost My arm in an Arm Wrestling Match PT 3

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Tales of Uncle Catpaws – How I Almost Lost My arm in an Arm Wrestling Match PT 2

Quicksnatch moaned.  He opened his eyes and all he could see was the bark of a tree.

“Did anyone see the troll that run me over?”  He said and started to lift his head.  The sharp pain of changing positions too quickly made him drop his head back.

“Oh.”  A gruff voice said nearby.  “It is awake.  I will take care of that.”

“No you will not!”  Through the haze Quicksnatch recognized Ephellia’s voice.

Footsteps came closer and he lifted his head.  He saw what he assumed were Ephellia’s feet.

“Why are all the dots dancing around in my head?”  He tried to angle himself up more as the pain faded.

“You fell and got bumped on the head.”  The gruff voice said.

“Just not in that order.”  Ephellia shot the dwarf a frown then knelt down and looked into the kender’s face.  “You look okay.  How do you feel?”

“Like draconian stew meat.”  Quicksnatch found himself draped over a tree stump with his head dangling off.  “Not a very comfortable bed you found me.”

“Shut your screechy yap or I’ll find somewhere a bit more Comfortable.”  The dwarf put an emphasis on the last word.

“Yes please!”  Quicksnatch said.  “I would like to start the whole nap over in a nice comfortable feather bed!”

The dwarf grunted and poked a stick into the fire.

Ephellia assisted the kender in getting fully upright on the stump.

“So why did I take a nap anyway?”  The kender sat on the stump and rubbed his temples with the heel of his hands.  “Things were just getting interesting.  Hey!  Someone lose a bracelet?  Where did this bracelet come from?”

The dwarf leapt to his feet and Ephellia put herself between the two.  The dwarf narrowed his eyes at her.

“Tinstack!”  Ephellia’s voice carried tones of anger and disappointment.

The dwarf squinted his eyes tightly and let out a growl.  “Fine!”  He kicked out spraying dirt around the human’s feet then turned and went back to the fire.

“Tinstack?”  The Kender giggled.  “What kind of a name like that for a dwarf?  Tin is so weak!  Why I bet his parents—”

Ephellia slapped her hand across the kender’s mouth and shook her head at him.  “You push him and he is going to take the easy way out of getting that bracelet off.”

“I’ll cut it off!”  Tinstack shouted without looking their way.

“That would ruin the bracelet.”  The kender admired the piece on his arm and grinned as the light played off all the tiny diamonds.

“It would ruin your arm!”  The dwarf injected.

The kender looked at his arm and rubbed it up and down He looked up at Ephellia.

She nodded.  “He was bringing you out here to cut off your arm to get the bracelet off.  I have talked him out of it… for now.”

The kender slid the bracelet up and down his arm a little bit.  “I can see how that would work.  If you cut off my arm just below the wrist my stump would be narrow enough to slide the bracelet right off.”

“See!”  Tinstack stood up.  “He does not even care!  He is just a kender; let me cut his arm off!”

“You are not cutting his arm off!”  She took a step towards the dwarf.

“When I grew a new hand what do you think it would look like?”  Quicksnatch cooed.

“Shut up little one,” Ephellia snapped back at the kender, “you won’t grow a new one and you are not helping your case.”

“If you want it, just take it from me!”  Quicksnatch barked.  “I don’t even know how it got there!’

“You put it on!”  Tinstack snarled as he fumbled for his axe off of his backpack.  “Now I should take it off!”

“Tinstack!  I told you I would not allow it!”  She stood with her arms akimbo.  She glared down at him.

“Bah!  You cannot stop me!  I have just been polite with you since you are a woman!”  Tinstack punched his fist into the flat of the axe and the metal rang through the air.  “Now move out of the way!”

“No!”  She stood up tall above him.  “You shall not!”

“You can’t stop me!”  He put his arm up to shove her aside.

“I will fight you for his arm!”

“I would kill you!”  The dwarf growled.

“Arm-wrestle.”  Ephellia stated flatly.

Tinstack stepped back half a step and raised his eyebrows.

“No offense.”  Quicksnatch’s head appeared above Ephellia’s shoulder.  “I think he would win and my arm would get cut off anyway.  I have thought about it too, if it is not going to grow back then I prefer he not cut it off.  I rather need it.”

Ephellia turned around to find the kender standing atop of the stump.  “No worries little one, he is not going to cut off your arm.”

“To the Abyss!  I will have that bracelet and if it takes cutting his arm off, I will!”

“You will not.”  Ephellia crossed her arms.  “He is under my protection.”

“Accepted.”  Tinstack said.

“Good!”  Ephellia nodded once firmly.  “I am glad you came—”

Tinstack pushed his way past the woman.  “I mean I accept your arm-wrestling challenge.  Let’s get this over with so I can cut off his arm.”

Tinstack gave the kender a slight shove at the kneecap which overbalanced the halfling and sent him sprawling into the forest litter.  He then slapped his elbow down on the stump.  “I will try not to break your arm.”

Ephellia smirked and shook her head.  She knelt down to come down to the same level as the dwarf.  “Likewise.”  She said in even tone.

“I am not going easy on you for being a girl!”  He growled at her.

“Good!”  She replied.  “I will not go easy on you for being a dwarf.”

He roared and grasped her hand.  He seethed and stared at her face.

“I am not going to play any games.”  She told him.  “I am just going to win.”

He took that as his cue to start only the harder he pushed against her, the further she moved his arm down.  Moments later the back of his hand met the stump.

“Takhisis!”  The dwarf swore.

Ephellia released the arm of the dwarf stood up and in a flash knocked the dwarf to the ground and pinned up down holding a hand across his mouth.  When everything settled she looked not at him but the surrounding woods.  He struggled beneath her but could not release himself.

Finally she released him and stood up slowly.  “You should watch what names you blindly call upon!  They might just answer.”

“How did you…”  The dwarf rubbed his arm.

Ephellia paid him no mind.  She ministered to the kender.  “We are still going to have to get that bracelet off of you.”

The kender looked around the woman at the dwarf.  He stuck his tongue out at him.

“Who are you?”  Tinstack spoke in a low astonished tone.

“The one that beat you in arm-wrestling.”  She stated not looking back at him.  “That and my name is all you need to know.”

“The only one.”  The dwarf said under his breath as he picked up his discarded axe.

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