#sneakpreview Feldsharp – Mother yeast

A strong yeasty smell filled his nose.  Somebody forced something into his mouth.  He struggled some against it but recognition suddenly dawned on him and he chewed lightly and felt the small cake break into pieces and dissolve.  It seemed to absorb all the moisture from his mouth.

“Water.”  He croaked between chews.

“It will dilute the mother yeast.”  A voice told him.  “Keep chewing and get it all down.

Feldsharp pushed hard at the contents of his mouth trying to force it down.  It seemed to grow and take up more space in his mouth.

“Wa…”  He attempted to ask again but could not form the words.  He gagged and choked.

“Keep chewing.”  The man told him.

“I have some water.”  He recognized Heart’s voice and opened his eyes.

The monk put his arm out and blocked the advance of the Daughter.  “He needs to swallow this without water.”

“Don’t be ridiculous.  He is going to suffocate!”  She protested.

Hitomi shook his head.

Feldsharp managed to swallow a small amount and chewed harder.

“Your witch craft medicine is going to kill him!”  Heart yelled at the monk.

Feldsharp shook his head but she did not see him so he attempted to sit up.  A little bit of the mother yeast we expelled as he cried out in pain at the effort.

“Lay back down you fool Nephilim!”  The monk moved forward pressed him back into the bed.

“Seriously!”  Heart added.  “You are going to tear your sutures.”

A second pair of hands joined the monk’s and convinced him back to the bed.

A little more of the cake made it down his throat.

“What are you trying to do to him?”  She demanded.

“The mother yeast will give him strength to heal.”

“I can give him Vitamin B for strength.”  She bent down slightly to put her face to the face of the monk.  “He just needs to rest and heal!”

Feldsharp only saw Hitomi shift slightly just before Heart suddenly disappeared from view and slammed into the floor.

“Stay out of my face!”  Hitomi warned down at the Daughter.

“Heart!”  Feldsharp managed.

Heart stood back up and stared fiercely at the monk for a moment before approaching Feldsharp.  “You okay?”

He nodded.

She turned back to the monk with a quick movement.  “You scored one lucky leg sweep.  Do not expect to be so lucky again.  You touch me and I will do things to you that will make you wish I had killed you.  I know just how to stimulate your nerve endings to give you the sensation of being enveloped in flame for the rest of your short miserable days.”

Hitomi swallowed and took a step back.

Heart turned away and set to examining Feldsharp’s wound dressings.

“Are you lost?”  Hitomi asked.

Heart snapped around towards him.  “No!  Why does everyone ask me that?”

Hitomi backed up a little more.

“The train conductor, the hotel clerk, merchants all along my journey, the pilot of the dirigible, and now you.”  Her single step closed the distance between them.

“You just act lost, that is all.”  He defended.  “You have a name for one thing.”

“I have no name!”  Heart yelled.  “The boy just calls me that to tell me apart from…”  Her voice trailed off.

“No need to be offended.”  The monk stated.  “We get people who are lost here all the time.  We always help them on their way.”

A tear ran down her cheek.  She saw Dee on the deck of the pirate ship fighting to save them.  White clouds swallowed the vision.

“I am not lost and I don’t have a name.”  She said in a quiet voice.

“Heart?”  Feldsharp said in a gentle tone.

The daughter turned away from the monk to her patient.  She moved close to the bed and lifted the closest arm.  As she got it up she climbed onto the bed and snuggled next to the half-giant using his shoulder as a pillow.  His arm naturally held her back and pulled her closer.

“I miss her.”  Heart said in a voice only Feldsharp could hear.

“Me too.”  He replied.

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