Chapter One Review – Intersection by Lee Stanford

Title of book: Intersection

Author:  Lee Stanford

Genre:  Science Fiction




Readability:  There was only some minor difficulty in reading the chapter.  I had to re-read a couple of paragraphs to fully get their meaning.

Hook:  There was a bit of a hook to the story.  I did feel the desire to read on to find out what happened next and if they were going to be successful in their mission.

Editing:  There were only minor editing issues in the chapter.  In particular there was a sentence missing a couple of commas that made me have to go back and re-read it to determine what the meaning of the sentence was.  Also, someone grabbed two different people by “his” web gear.  There is a number conflict in that.

 Characters:  Mike was the main character and there was a little bit of character building on him and then there were numerous other characters mentioned but I found myself not knowing a lot about them other than they were hot headed and ready to seek vengeance.

Understandable:  I was able to follow everything that was going on.

Visuals:  The visuals for the chapter were well done.  Characters were described and there was good descriptions of the action sequences.

Relatable:  I did find it mostly relatable though not being in the military myself there were some things that portrayed the military life that I did not relate to.

Fun:  This was a very fun read.  It was lined with action and fighting with a purpose.

Overall:  Overall I think it will be a very enjoyable book and would be interested to find out how they defeat the alien scourge.

Synopsis:  Already coming off of a duty shift which had made a major blow to the alien invaders, Staff Sergeant Mike Rielly goes back out on a mission to secure a road for inbound tanks.  They end up fighting house to house against groups of the alien invaders laying in wait.

 Favorite line:  Despite its four mechanical legs, the alien never had a chance.

Favorite character:  Tech Sergeant Elena Santos.

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