#Excerpt Feldsharp – The Translator

“Nihon e yōkoso.”  A small man bordered by two large hulking men in armor greeted them at the bottom of the ramp.  He bowed slightly but kept his eyes up on the passengers disembarking.

“Eigo.”  Heart said and flashed a few coins towards the man.

He bowed again and then gestured back towards the hanger.  “Eigo!”  He shouted back.

The greeter turned back towards the daughter, smiled nervously, and held out his hand.  Several choice coins fell into his palm.  He smiled again, more naturally this time and bowed deeper.

“Otsukaresama.”  Heart returned the bow, but not as deep.

“What is with the warriors?”  Feldsharp asked in a hushed voice.

“Show of force to the new arrivals.”  Heart gave the guards a backwards glance.  “Impressive show of force I might add.”

They continued walking towards the hanger.

“I don’t think I could take them if I had to.”  Feldsharp admitted.

Heart snickered.  “You could take those two easy enough.  They have done well in intimidating you.  But neither has a correct stance and one wore his sword upside down so when he draws it he will have to take extra time to pivot it in his hand.  I noticed a loose buckle on the shoulder plate of one of them and their helmets are made for looks more than blocking attacks.”

“But you just said they were impressive.”  Feldsharp said.

“I did, didn’t I?”  Heart smiled and narrowed her eyes.  “I did not quite mean it the same way you interpreted it.  It has been a long time.”

“A long time since what?”  Feldsharp asked.

Heart’s eyes stayed narrow but the smile vanished.  “How old are you again?”

“Fifteen.”  He answered.

Heart stopped.  “Fifteen?  When did that happen?”

“Somewhere back in Don Californio.”  He replied.

“Well you are too young to understand.”  She resumed their way up the path.

A small man stood at the end of the path.  He wore a black suit and a fedora hat.  As they approached he removed his dark glasses and stepped towards them with a hand outstretched.  “Greetings and welcome to Japan fair Daughter!”

Heart took his hand and he bowed his head as they shook.  Heart bowed her head slightly as well and Feldsharp hesitantly bowed his head slightly too.

“My name is Yakusha.”  He stated.  “And does your companion have a name?”

“I am Feldsharp Halftall.”

The short man looked at the boy towering above him.  His eyes then drifted down to the boy’s hands.

“Oh.”  The man said simply and took half a step back.  He paused in his conversation before finally turning his attention back to the Daughter.

“Very descriptive name considering your occupation, and might I say you speak very good English.”  She spoke first.

The man flushed red and bowed a couple of times.  “Thank you.  It is nothing really.  And that name is easier on the foreign tongue than my honor name.  Might I ask you though fair Daughter, are you lost?”

She smirked.  “No, we are definitely here on purpose.  We are on a knowledge seeking quest for my companion here.”

“Ah, apologies.  Some that find our shores are lost so I always ask.”

The man looked Feldsharp up and down again and again his gaze stopped on the oversized hands.

“Is he…”  The man paused then turned back towards the Daughter.  “Is he Senshi?”

“A well trained one at that.”

“Kuso!”  Yakusha took another step back.

“I would advise using English around him.  He does not understand Japanese.”

“I understood that one.”  Feldsharp grinned.

“What is his quest?”  The translator asked.

“You need to talk to him.”  Heart gestured to the half giant.

Yakusha swallowed hard.  He looked at the boy then back to the woman.  “You, you’re tall, but pleasing to look at.  Him, he is… he is kyojin kowai.”

“You get used to him.”  She said.  “He is only fourteen – err fifteen years old.”

Another step back.  “Kuso!”

Feldsharp chuckled.  “I looked up that word when the master was not looking.  Just never heard it used so much!”

“So ask him.”  Heart nudged the small man forward.

“Um…”  He stammered a little and looked down at his feet.  While his head was down he threw in a couple of bows.  “What is your quest, Kyojin?”

“I am seeking a monk by the name of Hitomi.”

Yakusha frowned.  “Which one?  There are probably ten monks by the name Hitomi just here in Taka Daku.”

Feldsharp exhaled heavily.  “That is all Brother Gustav said.  Just a monk named Hitomi.”

“Well, then that is going to be a long and difficult quest.”  The translator stated.

Feldsharp looked down at his feet and exhaled.  Suddenly he looked up at the small man which resulted in the man making a small leap backwards and stumbling backwards over the raised edge of the path.

“You okay?”  Feldsharp move in on the man quickly and to the translator’s horror picked him up and set him back on his feet.

When the boy stepped back the man stood there, wide eyed and shaking.

“I was just going to ask,” Feldsharp took a step back to give the man some room, “does the name Paul mean anything?  We are trying to find Hitomi because he knows where Paul is.”

The man shook his head slightly and continued to shake.

“How about Nephilim.  Does that mean anything to you?”  Feldsharp asked.

He shook his head again.

“I think you broke him.”  Heart offered.

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