Feldsharp #excerpt #Sneakpeek Pirates!

Solid white filled all the windows around them.  Their attention instead turned to the table in front of them.

“The fish is okay.”  Dee stated.  “A little bland.  The could use a few more spices in the kitchen.”

“I think it is pretty good.”  The half-giant swallowed another mouthful.  “It is very light and flakey and I have never had anything like this.”

“They did not serve fish at the temple?”  Heart asked.

He shook his head.  “Chevon, beef, or chicken is the only meat we ate.  Mostly chevon and chicken though.  We raised what we ate at the temple, well except the beef.  We usually bought that for special occasions.”

“Sounds pretty boring!”  Dee turned her attention to the window.

A little bit of blue bisected the window as the carriage dropped below cloud level.

“Drinking beer and eating steak.”  Heart commented.  “I have no idea why you would ever want to leave the place.”

Dee laughed.

Feldsharp shrugged then savored another bite of fish.

A deep thumping sound suddenly rolled through the cabin.  “Thump!  Thump!  Thump!”

Of the three crew in the cabin with them two suddenly vanished to other parts of the gondola.  The remaining took up station in the middle of the dining room.

“Beat to quarters!”  He shouted.  “All passengers are to report to their bunks!”

The constant hum of the engine changes and became a whine.  The whole zeppelin tilted back in a steep climb.  Other passengers scrambled from the room.

“What is going on?”  Dee accosted the crewmember.

Feldsharp went to the window.

“Dee, give him some space.”  Heart admonished her twin then turned to the man.  “Is this a drill?”

He shook his head.  “I do not have details yet.  That was a beating to quarters.  The captain does not call that lightly.”

A loud crash sounded and the carriage shook beneath their feet.  The zeppelin leveled out.

“There!”  Feldsharp left his window and ran towards a fore window.

The drum signaled a beat to quarters again.

“You really should return to your bunks!”  The crewmember insisted.

Dee reached the fore window followed closely by Heart.

“Pirates!”  Dee pointed through the window.

Several small ships cruised the water ahead of them.  A long line came up from one of the ships and disappeared from their sight as it attached somewhere on the blimp.

A puff of smoke appeared on one of the ships and something shot up towards them.

“Look out!”  Heart shouted and shoved against Feldsharp which moved her more than him.

A loud crash shattered their world as a harpoon burst through the cabin between them.  Everyone fell back.

“Are you okay?”  Heart crawled over to Feldsharp.

“No.”  The answer came from Dee and a sob punctuated it.

Feldsharp leaned up.  “I am fine.  What happened Dee?”

“I… am… splintered.”  She answered between gasps and sobs.

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