WeFair #sneakpeek Oops!

“Here.”  WeShaft held out a sword to SoJosh.

SoJosh looked down at the tendered weapon.  He recognized it as one of the swords locked up before.  “Really?”

WeShaft shook the sword at the Southfield.  “Yes really.  I am likely getting you killed by giving it to you though.”

SoJosh ignored the premonition and took the sword and looked upon it like some ancient religious relic.  He handled it very slowly and lightly.

“I will train you in our spare time.”  WeShaft said.  “But you will not know enough to fight.  You are to say with the boat.”

SoJosh looked up and down the weapon from pommel to tip over and over.  A huge smile took over his face.

“And the first thing I need to teach you is grip apparently.”  WeShaft said examining SoJosh’s style.

SoJosh just nodded and continued to examine his knew belonging.

WeShaft grabbed the sword and SoJosh’s hand together and none too gently repositioned the man’s fingers and released him again.

SoJosh moved his hand back and forth and watched as the blade wavered in his hand.

“No!”  WeShaft barked.  “Your grip is too tight, look, your knuckles are showing white.”

“I am afraid I will drop it.”  SoJosh argued.

“Just loosen it up a little.”

SoJosh brandished the sword and took a practice swing.  Both men watched as the sword arced out over the water and disappeared with a splash.

“I said just a little!”  WeShaft snapped.


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