WeFair in her skivvies! #SneakPeak

Did a bit of writing today, here is a excerpt from that effort:

“Had not the rabbit blossom turned white, there would be no doubt now.”  Lure spoke to her daughter.

Fair stood in only her shift.  Her belly had a definite small bump.

Fair smile at her mother.  “The dress will cover it.”

Lure nodded and ran her fingers through her daughter’s crimson hair.  “I know, but it is kind of magical and seems a shame to hide it.”

Fair nodded.  “But the day is about myself and SoGlog.  Not about the baby.  He,”  she paused a moment, “or she will had a day their own.”

“Many days.”  Lure corrected.  “Once it is born it will be the two of you always doing everything for him or her.”

Fair agreed.  “I know, but SoGlog does not need another thing to worry about today.”

“You know you cannot have the child here, right?”  Her mother asked.  “You need to get to South America and find a Lost Daughter.”

Fair nodded somberly.  “I remember.”

“I want lots of grandchildren so you see get there as quick as you can.”  Lure said maternally.

Fair adjusted herself a little in the mirror.  “I am ready.”

Lure went to the wardrobe and extracted the dress.  Between the layers and crinoline it took up most of the space.  Fair insisted it kept out of sight till today.

A layer at a time Lure extracted the dress and laid the pieces out on the bed until just the frame graced the stand.

With care her mother released the fasteners opening the back of the bracket so that it opened slightly.  Then she reached in and extracted the stand.  The frame sagged slightly but stood on its own.

Fair moved up and started to put her right foot into the opening in the framework.  Her mother put a hand on the front of her shoulder.

“You need to do a constitutional before you get this on?”  Lure asked her daughter.

Fair knitted her brows for a moment then nodded, she made a quick dash for the door.

“Grab a robe!”  Her mother shouted after her.

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