Excerpt from WeFair #amwriting

Please enjoy this sneak peak at WeFair:

“Well, tonight you are going to enjoy my company.”  He stressed the word enjoy in a way that made her gulp.

“We already have a room and I think we will be going.”

“We?”  He said with dripping glee and her heart sunk.  “Who else do we have here?”

His eyes glanced around and landed on Lydia.

“Hmm.”  He rubbed his chin.  “Not nearly as pretty, but it will be fun having both of you take turns servicing me.”

Fair lunged forward towards Mr. Grey and faster than she could see a large hand enveloped on of her arms and the giant held her still.

Mr. Grey laughed loudly.

Fair flailed trying to pull herself loose and banged against the silver haired man.  Somehow her hand closed around something.  She gained purchase and pulled hard.

“No!”  The old man called out.

Steel rang out with a pure ringing tone as the object came loose.  Fair looked down at her hand and saw a high quality cavalry sword that reflected light all around the room.  It practically glowed.

Everyone stopped moving for a moment.

“You don’t want to get yourself hurt do you missy?”  Mr. Grey asked in a condescending tone.

Her eyes went from the man to the giant.  The words of her trainer went through her head, “Keep your eyes on your opponent’s eyes and you will know their every move.”

The sword hissed as it cut through the air.  It landed with a firm thunk as it sliced a large gash into the arm of the giant.

The giant thrust her backwards and released her.  She collided with her friends behind her and bounced back.

“Togus!”  Mr. Grey backed out of the range of the battle.  “Break her arms and legs!  Don’t kill her, I want her body to stay warm.”

The giant grabbed a chair and launched it towards her and it knocked her backwards but she kept a firm grip on the sword.  She lurched up and found the giant coming at her.  She ducked a swing at her head and she made a horizontal slash before rolling away.

She stood up a short distance away and saw the giant examining his legs where a line of fresh blood formed.

He looked up at her and she met his eyes again.

“Groaahhh!”  He shouted out and brought a fist down on a table nearby and it splintered.  He launched himself at her again.

She broke and ran nearly at him, she cut a little to his left and he went right past her and missed grabbing her.  Before he could turn completely she landed a stab into his side right about where she figured the kidney should be.  This turned out to be a mistake because it lodged the sword firmly into his body and as he reacted to the hit the sword wrenched itself from her hands.

The giant labored to breath.  He lifted his arm and looked down at the cavalry sword sticking out of his side.  With the other hand he reached down and plucked it out.  With only a cursory glance at it he tossed it aside.

He lunged at her and swung a huge open hand at her.  She could not react fast enough and his blow tore the floor away from her feet and she landed some distance away underneath a table.

“Just the arms and legs remember!”  Mr. Grey reminded.  He stood aside watching the progression of the fight rubbing his hands together gleefully.

Togus looked back at him for a moment then barged through the tables to get to the girl.

Fair could not stand up fast enough but gained her knees beneath her and she set to crawling away beneath the tables.  Togus followed close behind destroying furniture as he went.

Fair spotted the sword ahead against a wall and redoubled her efforts.

Just before she reached it a large hand closed around her ankle and she found herself airborne and upside down with her skirt and shift hanging down.

“I was going to ask if that was a natural red.”  Mr. Grey sniggered.  “Togus, now break her legs!  I want to hear the crunch.”

As pressure suddenly increased on her leg Fair’s hands flared around and one hand landed on the back of a chair.  She grabbed it and pulled it up and with both hands she swung the chair upwards and it landed firmly in the joining of the giant’s legs.  Fair fell to the floor and the giant bent over clutching his gonads.

Fair scampered away and then stood up with the sword in hand

“Togus!  Get me my prize!”  Mr. Grey shouted.   “Kill her if you have to, I want her!”

Fair climbed up on a chair and then used that to step up onto one of the only remaining whole tables.  She bore the cavalry sword in her right hand and held up her left hand in a defensive position.

Togus straightened up and he wore sweat across his whole face and his skin flushed in crimson.

He twisted his body preparing for a backhand swing and charged her.  He released the swat and sent her flying off the table and hard into a wall.

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    • I am getting a bit of writing done today. I was late to start this morning but have made it up. WeFair is up to 75K words and still growing.

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