I made the #Broncos lose the #Superbowl

It was I, I admit it and I am sorry.

I discovered that I have this weird power long ago and I have tried to keep it in check.  It just slips out sometimes and there is nothing I can do.

I discovered it when watching Astros games.  The effect was particularly strong when I went to the games in person but I think the power has exercised itself enough and became so powerful that only just looking at a TV is good enough.  The effects of it were staggeringly evident yesterday.

Later when we got a new football team I tried watching them, but the power unleashed itself very strongly upon them.

When I go into the Super Bowl I try to watch it in a neutral sense.  I mean after all I am really just here for the commercials, right?

So we got all prepped for the Super Bowl.  I made sliders, traditional style nachos, and cheese bread.  I had it all prepared and we sat down just before the game started.

My wife says I don’t really know that much about either side, but I think I am going to root for Denver because of Manning and they are also considered the underdogs for this game.  We like to stick up for the underdogs.  I considered it and decided, against my better judgment that I would root for them too.  For that, I am sorry Denver.

You see a moment after my declaration that I would root for Denver my super power kicked in.  Denver had the ball and for their first play they scored, for Seattle.  Two points immediately scored for the other team!

Once you know my superpower you will understand completely what happened.  If I root for a team in a game, they are going to lose.  This fully explains the Astros and Texans.  Moreover, in the case of the Super Bowl, Denver was already an underdog so when I rooted for them it made it that much worse.  They not only had to lose, but lose big and in the most embarrassing way possible.  Try Seattle scoring yet again against them only 12 seconds into the second half.

At some point I had to go visit the restroom and I came out and found not only had the Broncos scored, but they converted the extra point to score 8 points total!  I thought, “This is it!  They are going to turn this around.”  I rooted some more for the underdogs.

So I sat on the edge of my seat waiting for the next great play by Manning and company.  Off sides kick!  Gutsy and risky move that if it plays out well they can get the ball right back and try to score again.  If ti fails it puts the opponent in field goal range.  I had returned to the game and started rooting for Denver again so you can guess what happened.

So I apologize all you Broncos fans out there, I made the team lose by rooting for them.  Sorry.  I will go back to writing now and keep my nose out of sports.

At least until baseball season.


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