#Preview from WeFair

Thought I would drop a small sample out of WeFair, my current work in progress today.

Fair stepped into the evening air and took a deep breath.
“So you are going to go see him?”  The voice startled her.
Her father sat on a bench right nearby.  He had a glass of half-drunk tea in one hand, he had been waiting a little while for her to pass.
“Fair child, you need to cut it off with him.”  He said.  “You have another commitment.”
Fair ducked her head.  “You know Papa I am not happy with it.”
“Neither am I.”  He agreed with her.  “But we honor our promises.”
“I was no part of that promise!”  She protested.
“You are my daughter!”  He responded but then softened his tone.  “You are my daughter and I love you and only want the best for you.  And while I don’t want you to move a thousand miles away to the Georgia Collective, it is a lot safer there than out on the Gulf and he does have…”
His voice trailed off under his daughter’s glare.
“Has what?  Money?”  She turned away from him and let out a gasp of air.
After a moment of silence between them she turned back, carefully extracted a stray bit of hair the wind had blown across her face, and told him, “I do not see why everyone keeps going on about his money.  There is more to a person than money.”
“What more do you want out of Edward.”  He stood up and offered an arm out towards her.  “He is nice enough, doesn’t look bad.”
Fair took her father’s arm and he pulled her close into an embrace.  “I don’t know Papa.  He is just not…”
He did not rush her answer, she seemed deep in though.
“…enthusiastic.”  She finally completed her thought and pulled away from him slightly and looked up into his face.  “Nothing he does seems to excite him.”
“There is something to be said about stability.”  He smiled at his daughter.
She frowned.  “But I want to be happy.”
“SoGlog makes you happy?”  He asked her.
“Not today.”  Her nostrils flared.
“I don’t understand what he is doing either.”  Shaft admitted.
“He has a huge heart though.”  She said.
He could only nod to her.
Fair closed the distance between them and hugged her father tightly.
“I know you will do the right thing.”  Her father said.
Fair nodded to him as she broke the embrace.
Shaft wiped a small tear from his daughter’s face and gave her a tight lipped smile.  She returned it then pulled away to make her rendezvous.

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