Extract from my #NaNoWriMo A Life in After World: WeFair- #pirates

I have already beaten the 50K word goal of NaNoWriMo, but the story is long from finished.  I have much more story to tell and I am working to try to tell it all by the end of the month.

There are several sea battles that take places and I particularly like this exchange between a ship captain and a Comche (Pirate) Captain.  It introduces a character that is more of a weapon than a person that is called Dervish.  He is an ex-Comche pirate that has made an oath of Loyalty to a Captain in the Westwaters.  Dervish is dangerous and psychotic especially when wielding his twin over-sized curved swords.  Killing brings him joy.  His skills are used sparingly as he usually does not know when to stop killing.

Enjoy this short extract between the captains:

Near the junction of the two ships stood the captain of the Comche force.  He recognized her by the facial tattoos worn by Comche captains.  He sliced a path towards her and she saw him coming and stood prepared as he approached.

“Hola, Capitán.”  She said brandishing her sword before him.

“I don’t think I have had the pleasure.”  Shaft said.  “What name am I to put in my log books under name of pirate killed?”

She smirked.  “Soy Capitán Trituradora, y tú?”

“Captain WeShaft Earlborn.”  He informed her.

“Earlborn?”  She commented. “Va a hacer un buen tatuaje.”

He shook his head at her.  “Not today.  Did you know I have Dervish here?”

“Derviche?”  Her eyes grew wide and she quickly scanned the battlefield.  She made a quick cross sign across her chest.  “Aquí?”

Captain WeShaft pointed through the battle towards the schooner on the other side of his ship.  As they both looked that way the upper half of a body came tumbling over the gunwale.

“Since he left the Comche, he has become a great asset to our navy.”

“Usted todavía morirán este día!”  She spit down at his boots.  “Y voy a tener en mi nuevo barco.”

“How do you say?”  Weshaft said.  “No hoy!”

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