I reached 50K! 8:30PM CT 1/21/2013 – Guess my 50K word #NaNoWriMo

Yay me!  I have reached 50K on my novel for National Novel Writing Month!

My novel is a compliment novel to last year’s entry that tells the opposite side of the story and then picks up where the previous novel left off.

This Novel is called A Life in After World: WeFair.

Last Year’s is called A Life in After World: SoGlog.

the 50K sentence?

“He said we had mice.”  He stopped his pacing of their quarters to shake his finger at her.  “I bet he brought them on his train!

That’s right!  The awesome word to hit 50K on is train.

The mice referred to here are actually a type of demi-human that lives off the garbage of society.  Check out their race page.


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