Is this scene too racy? #NaNoWriMo

My novel is pretty well PG, No cuss words, no description of sex though it may be alluded to at times.  The following scene though just laid itself down in my manuscript and I need your opinion if it is too racy.  It is between two train engineers standing around talking and being men:

“Nothing quite that exciting on the Eastern North South Line.”  Hodge said then lit up a little.  “I did see a couple doing it on the tracks the other day.”

Thomas made a face at him.

“Yeah.  Butt naked and racing to finish up before I ran them down.”  Hodge said.  “There was no way I could have stopped in time.”

Thomas smirked and chuckled.  “They make it?”

“Nope.”  Hodge said simply.

Thomas looked astonished.

“He had to finish her on the siding.”  Hodge said with a wicked grin.

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