One Chapter Review – Charmed @LindyZart

Title of book: Charmed

Author:  Lindy Zart

Genre:  Fantasy




Readability:  Very readable and easy to follow.

Hook:  The chapter definitely left me wanting for more.  A lot happened in the short time and I would like to know more.

Editing:  There are a couple of run-on sentences, fragments and at least one occurrence of wrong word used.

 Characters:  We are introduced to three characters, Shah, the man with the black everything, The Angel that fell from the sky and crushed her car roof just to get her attention, and the main character Taryn  Each was described well and there was good character development in Taryn and the Angel.

Understandable:  It was easy to follow everything that was going on in the story.

Visuals:  There were excellent visuals in the story.  The leaves blew in the wind regardless of the fact that Taryn ignored them and put on her dark sunglasses.  I also got a good idea of the visual actions going on in the scene.

Relatable:  I can relate to the awkward birthdays and not trusting strangers.  Thinking an Angel is hunky – not so much, but then again I am a guy.  I related more to the Angel in this case because he is more like I would want to be:  The hero of a red-head with freckles, even if she does not see me as the hero yet.

Fun:  The story was definitely fun to read and follow.

Overall:  Overall, this was a great read and I would suggest it to my friends.  There were minor editing issues but those did not detract too much from the story.

Synopsis:  A girl turns eighteen and is heading out to work.  She gets accosted by two different mysterious people and has to choose which one is less scary to go with.

 Favorite line:  Had everyone taken a spastic pill and forgot to mention it to me?

Favorite character:  The Angel.  Definitely the Angel.

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