#Photolayout of #Covermodels ready for #debut @Spacecitycon

The books are here and they look awesome!  How awesome?  Let me show you with a quick photo shoot.

If we could just get the models to come out on the cat walk so we can get a good initial look at them.

cover line upYou see they are all wearing their full colors tonight with Aster in a nice maroon, Roe in a melancholy blue and SoGlog brings up the end of the line with well matched deep ocean blue topped with electric blue.

Roe and FurOur first lady across the cat walk is Roe.  Notice the fur she is wearing?  That is home grown, she grows it herself and wears it with pride.  Her back drop is the farm in which she was brought up in as a slave and forefront in the picture is the water pump where she is forced to draw water for the house every day for her master.  Isn’t she just lovely?

Aster and AppleNext up we have Aster crossing the stage.  She stands out in a crowd even while looking just like her mother and all of her sisters.  She is holding a beautiful perfect flower in one hand while accepting an apple from her forbidden beau Douglas.  Her background is the church where she has lived since about fifteen years old.  Where did she live before that?  She has no idea!

SoGlog and ShellOur last and only male cover model is SoGlog.  His name is actually Glog.  He wears the So to allow everyone to know where he is from.  His outfits are always made best for swimming as he spends about the same amount of time below the surface as above.  He carries a conch snail in his right hand as a gift for his beloved.  Behind him the Mistress Belcher, his steam flat rides the surf while WeFair Earlborn Y Rua awaits his return at the rail of the ship.  You catch that shark swimming under the boat?  Don’t worry if you didn’t, SoGlog will.

Let’s bring them all out once again for a good final look.

Books lined upHere they are all lined up looking as pretty as they could on your shelf at home.  Everyone give them a hand and be sure to ask to see them at Space City Con where these cover models will be making their public debut.



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