Things to do at @Spacecitycon besides ask me about After World – See Pink @PinkFiveReturns

OMG P!NK will be there?  i just love Alecia!  All her friends call her Alecia, that’s her real name you know…

Oh, not her?

What Pink?

Pink Five.

When Luke was there, so was Stacy.  She followed along on all the adventures, but her story like never got told, ya know?

At Space City Con is your chance to see Pink 5, the Star Wars fan film that won the George Lucas Selects Award and set the standard for all fan films that followed.  Amazingly the character Stacy became so popular that she was canonized in the Star Wars novel Allegiance and is now an official part of the Star Wars universe.  That’s right, a fan created character actually became part of the universe it was created for.  Keep writing those fan fics, your character might be next.

See the films and meet Trey Stokes the creator and director of Pink 5.

Be sure to check out the Space City Con site!


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