What to do at @SpaceCityCon besides see me – Play Games

So now I am a big time author with three books to his name and sales in the triple digits!  I keep getting fan mail from all the ladies that just cannot wait to meet me at the convention and run their fingers through my awesome beard!  Sorry ladies, I am very happily married and besides I made up the part about the fan mail.  So what else will there be to do at Space City Con besides help me with beard hair tangles (and buying my book)? You can play games!

What kind of games?  I just do not have enough space here, I would run out of server bandwidth listing them all, but here is a good bit of it:

D&D (Duh!), Warmachine, Hordes, WarHammer 40K, Tephra, Dark Nova, New Gods of Man Kind, Mech Corps, Pathfinder Society, Malifaux, Cavemaster, Artimesa Starship Bridge Simulator, Living Forgotten Realms, and Mana Punk.

Mech Corps I would have to say is pretty darned awesome.  You sit inside a simulator and actually pilot a mech against other live players.  It is exciting and cool, and they have some of the best Cos-Play

I have not seen Artimesa Starship Bridge Simulator myself, but I ran over to the Facebook and it sounds sweet.  I will be stuck at my table fending off all the fan-girls and protecting my beard (a guy has dreams, let him have them) so I will live vicariously through you as you go fire some photon torpedoes in my honor.

Wait, you still want more games?  Okay, I was holding this one back because it gets intense.  Have you ever LARPed?  No I did not just make up that word.  It stand for Live Action Role Play.  You are the character and you and a bunch of other people run around the convention throwing bean bags at each other and counting loudly.  It is actually a lot cooler than that makes it sound.  Check out Sovereign Scrolls for all your Fantasy Steampunk Live Action Role Play needs.  You will not regret it.


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