SoGlog Southfield cover #sneakpeek (third peek)

Here is another peek at the cover for SoGlog Southfield along with another excerpt from the book:

“Wait here.”  He said and with that he plunged between two barges and disappeared rapidly under the water.

His eyes adjusted quickly to give him the clearest under water vision.  He dove deep seeking out the bottom about fifty feet below.  He reached the bottom half a minute later and started scavenging around.  A lot of structure stuck up from the bottom here and that made for lots of food and provided hiding places.  He then saw what he looked for.  He grabbed it and it did not give.  He knocked on the shell a few times and suddenly it broke loose.soglog-sneak-peek-shell

Looking up he could see the flotilla covering most of the surface of the water with bright lines everywhere signifying the gaps between the boats.  He pushed off the bottom to hasten his return.  He hit the top of the water at full speed and managed to get just high enough to drop his prize on the deck before falling back in.  He dove down again and then swam back up to get his speed.  When he broke the surface this time he reached and managed to grab a tie off line.  He pulled himself up and put his foot on the barge right across from her.  After some ungraceful struggling he made it up on the other barge and it just took a short jump to get back to her.

He smiled at her then bent to pick up the prize.

“It’s a snail.”  He said.  “They are delicious.  And after you eat it, the shell is beautiful.  The inside has all these shades of pink, purples, blues, and reds.  I have seen the shells made into horns too, but I am not sure how that works.  I have never been able to do it.”

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