SoGlog Southfield cover #sneakpeek (second peek)

Here is another sneak peek at the cover for SoGlog Southfield as well as an excerpt from the book.

soglog-sneak-peek-WeFairWhere are you going?”  He asked breathlessly.

“To my boat, I told you.”

“I need to come with you.”  The Coastie stated.  “The ship is very large and there are things that are dangerous and you could get lost.”

SoGlog did not hesitate but kept leading the way out of the building.

Outside activity bustled all around him as workers shuttled back and forth carrying equipment or tools.  SoGlog moved among them without disturbing their flow.  The Coastie Struggled to keep up with the young boy’s pace.

The Southfield reached the rail of the edge of the deck and looked down.  He immediately regretted it and felt sick.  The Belcher floated in the water very far below him.  He felt like he had just swallowed a bucket of sea water and his belly prepared to purge.

He looked away quickly and caught his breath.

“Surely this can wait till you get back underway.”  The Coastie sounded desperate.

“I’m your guest?”  The boy asked him.

“Of course.”

“Then I want to get to my boat.”

“But it is dangerous!”  The Coastie countered.

SoGlog found the top of the staircase going down.  He looked out over the water at the horizon.  He did not feel so high up when looking at the horizon.  He glanced quickly down at the steps before him and then back at the horizon.  With courage comparable to facing down a tiger shark he took a step, then another.  He kept his eyes locked on the horizon and only glanced very quickly down on occasion to see where the next landing was.

The entire time the Coastie followed him and complained that they should not be going down here because he had been tasked to watch out for SoGlog’s safety and that this activity could not be called safe, but the boy tuned him out.

They arrived at the water deck and there were a few workers there that were seeing to the moored boats.  SoGlog stepped over the rail to his boat and the Coastie waited for him still on the dock.

The Southfield disappeared into the cabin. He emerged a minute later carrying his spear.  The Coastie stood back aghast.

“We don’t allow weapons on board the New Hope!”  He called out to SoGlog.

“Is the New Hope underway right now?”  SoGlog asked.

“No, we are anchored.”  Coastie responded.

“Good.” And immediately after SoGlog said this he disappeared over the side.

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