Character: SoGlog Southfield of Southfield

Name: Glog (SoGlog Southfield of Southfield.  His title is redundant but is all necessary when addressing leaders of others outside of their own people.  The So designates his homewaters as being Southfield.  His last name is Southfield because he is directly descendent from the people whom the territory is named for.  The of Southfield at the end designates he is in an official capacity representing his people.

Race: Rafter

Age: 15

Description: Very lean and well-built and covered with a dark tan from years of being in the sun.  He has short brown hair and generally wears shorts and a vest unless attending an official function then he wears the attire of the local territory.

General:  Glog is able to breathe water and will often spend long periods of time fishing, swimming, or gathering shells from the bottom of the ocean.

Appears in:
A Life in After World: SoGlog Southfield
A Day in a Life in After World: SoGlog Southfield

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