Finished initial edits on one book and finished writing another #amwriting #amediting

Whew!  It has been a bit of a week the last week.  I have unused PTO from work that was to expire and I decided to use that time to get some writing work done.  I have done so and on SoGlog Southfield I have finished initial edits and I am about to go into proof editing.  On the next book I finished writing Aster Marigold.

SoGlog Southfield was my entry for NaNoWriMo that I finished in 12 days at over 80K words.  It is the tale of a boy who lives literally on the seas that becomes infatuated with a girl who lives on land.  It follows his life as he grows up and he fights to prove himself worthy of her love.

Aster Marigold is a tale of a clone tossed aside and disposed of, except she is still alive.  She stakes out her own life in a nunnery unaware of the “family” she has left behind.  WIth absolutely no memory of who she is, she takes over the infirmary and helps the church become a name for itself with the care it gives.

Look for these to be hitting the eBook shelves soon and real shelves in the spring.

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