Map: Tribes of the Gulf in After World

I have spent a bit of time today for my reference as well as you the reader’s enjoyment mapping out where everyone in the Guld calls home.  There are more tribes here than are present in the SoGlog Southfield story.  They may be features in future novels.


Cuba is still in existance and operating as a nation instead of individual city states like most of the rest of the world.

The Campche collective is a bunch of tribes and city states that are loosely affiliated through treaties and is heavy controled through corruption and privateering.

Atlantis is the group of islands in the Atlantic east of Florida and includes the highly contested atoll called moon island.  Cuba and Atlantis have been in a centuries dispute over the ownership of this island and it has come to war a couple of time.  Atlantis is fairly advanced and civil community that tries to keep to itself in most things but will not relinquish Moon Island.

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