Character: Tenicrasious Gravelder (Terry)

Name: Tenicrasious Gravelder (Terry)

Race: Human (Clone)

Age: 2000+

Description:  Depending on which clone you are encountering, Tenicrasious looks like a normal male, clean shaven and a little bit on the short side.  He is not physically well built.  He had hair somewhere between brown and blonde and brown eyes.  If you encounter Terry, he is a bit shorter, is covered in

General:  Terry was a computer and artificial intelligence expert before the onset of the Red Sun Millennia.  He was working not only on creating an artificial intelligence but on the creation of a system that could read a person’s memories and store them digitally.  He put this knowledge to use in conjunction with Sylvia’s cloning technology to create a clone of himself and then give it his own memories.  He now lives on by having his computer Marylyn clone him and then dump his memories back into the new clone.  He is on a constant drive to find a way to make his body more durable and have shorter cloning periods.

Appears in:
A Life in After World: Roe
A Life in After World: Aster Marigold

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