Chapter One Review – Provectus: The Road to Salus

Title of book: Provectus:  The Road to Salus

Author:  Jason M. Daniel

Genre:  Science Fiction




Readability:  While it was easy enough to read and follow, it was slightly hampered by paragraphs that were too long.

Hook:  The chapter did have a bit of a hook to it and ended on a tense note encouraging me to want to read more.

Editing:  The chapter definitely needed some editing.  The paragraphs needed to be broken up some, and there were several syntax errors such as using an apostrophe to designate something as being plural.

Characters:  There are only two people we are really introduced to.  The first is the main character Morgan Williams.  His parents are briefly mentioned as are some other family.  The second is his friend Jorjah (named for the state).

Understandable:  I was able to understand everything going on which made the story easy to follow.

Visuals:  There were good action visuals and a little bit of environmental descriptions.  It could have used a little strong descriptions on locations where things were taking place and it would have benefitted from character descriptions.

Relatable:  I found the story relatable and connected with the main character.

Fun:  It was fun to read in the scary kind of way.

Overall:  The first chapter was almost all history and only a little bit of action.  The information though lent itself to keep the story interesting.  With a little bit of editing and some strengthening on the visuals this will make a great book.

Synopsis:  There was a World War and a world government was put in place.  A plague has broken out and affects only children around the ages of puberty.  It is always 100% fatal.  Or is it?

 Favorite line:  I was horrified to learn that my Mom and Jorjah’s Mom decided that a joint family cookout was a good idea.

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