Chapter One Review – The Waters of Chaos: The Ancient Saga by @dobsonje Jeff Dobson

Title of book: The Waters of Chaos: The Ancient Saga

Author:  Jeff Dobson

Genre:  Science Fiction


ISBN:  1480165131


Readability:  The language used The Ancient Saga is easy enough to read, but the length of the paragraphs made reading a little bit of a chore. 

Hook:  The first chapter was all character and story building.  You understand what is going to happen and that the main character is going to go through a trial throughout the rest of the book, but the hook is not really there.  It does not drive me to read on.

Editing:  I found no editing issues at all

 Characters:  Osi is the main character and he has been selected as one of the chosen ones.  As a group, the un-chosen ones form another character contrary of him.  Other chosen ones were not defined so much as identified.  His father and the high priest are identified and the high priest gets a bit defined by his dialogue.

Understandable:  I found it easily understandable

Visuals:  The visuals were good in regards to the actions and scenery.  I found the characters needed a little more description.

Relatable:  It was an unfamiliar situation to me, but I did relate to Osi in being a bit of an outcast among people his own age.

Fun:  The narrative and backstory building left the chapter a little dry and without much action.

Overall:  Taking everything into account, I believe this story does have potential and may be a good read.

Synopsis:  Osi has been selected as a chosen one since a very young age and today is the day he finds out what the secrets the chosen ones know.

 Favorite line:  “We know the mysteries of how to eat and sleep and bed our women!”

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