WeFair #Teaser

“So why have you called me down?”  Thomas asked.  “I have a line to run.”

Along with Thomas stood Edward and Hodge Duddington.  They stood in an uncharacteristically empty dining room.  Shaft had ordered everyone out upon the Punks arrival.

“I actually don’t know.”  Shaft said.  “I did not arrange this.”

“Who then?”  Thomas demanded.

“I did.”  Fair stood at the door.  Framing her on one side stood her mother and on the other side stood Lydia.

Shaft moved quickly over to his daughter.  “What is it?”

Fair gave him a quick hug but then pushed him away.  She moved to her grandfather and gave him a cursory hug as well.


“Yes Jewel?”  He answered.

“Would you consider backing down on your agreement and allow me to marry the Southfield?”

Thomas’ eyes flared and shot towards Shaft.  “You would sick my own and only granddaughter against me?  Have you no limits man?”

Shaft stepped towards Thomas but Fair stepped between them.  “My father has nothing to do with you being here today.  That was my request.”

Thomas’ eyes softened as they fell on her.  “I just want the best for you.  I want you back on the Line so I can look after you and I will have an heir on the Line.  You would never want for anything.”

“But I would.”  She said softly.

Thomas looked in her eyes.  “If you want for anything you have only to ask for it.”

“I would want for SoGlog.”  She said simply.

Thomas turned half away from her and cross his arms.  “Anything but that.”

“You asked.”  She said.  “So you will not break the agreement?”

Thomas shook his head sharply.

Fair looked down at her feet for a moment and then looked up.  “So if I marry the rafter instead of the Punk you will cut connections to our island from the Punk Line?”

Thomas nodded once, hard.

Fair looked over at Edward and his father.  She then turned back to look at her own parents.  She let out a small moan as she exhaled.  She hugged her father and mother in turn.  Then she walked over to Edward.

Everyone held their breath.

“Edward?”  Fair said softly.

Edward swallowed hard and nodded.  “Yes Fair?”

“I will…”  Fair stopped and caught her breath again finding it hard to continue.