WeFair #sneakpeek Oops!

“Here.”  WeShaft held out a sword to SoJosh.

SoJosh looked down at the tendered weapon.  He recognized it as one of the swords locked up before.  “Really?”

WeShaft shook the sword at the Southfield.  “Yes really.  I am likely getting you killed by giving it to you though.”

SoJosh ignored the premonition and took the sword and looked upon it like some ancient religious relic.  He handled it very slowly and lightly.

“I will train you in our spare time.”  WeShaft said.  “But you will not know enough to fight.  You are to say with the boat.”

SoJosh looked up and down the weapon from pommel to tip over and over.  A huge smile took over his face.

“And the first thing I need to teach you is grip apparently.”  WeShaft said examining SoJosh’s style.

SoJosh just nodded and continued to examine his knew belonging.

WeShaft grabbed the sword and SoJosh’s hand together and none too gently repositioned the man’s fingers and released him again.

SoJosh moved his hand back and forth and watched as the blade wavered in his hand.

“No!”  WeShaft barked.  “Your grip is too tight, look, your knuckles are showing white.”

“I am afraid I will drop it.”  SoJosh argued.

“Just loosen it up a little.”

SoJosh brandished the sword and took a practice swing.  Both men watched as the sword arced out over the water and disappeared with a splash.

“I said just a little!”  WeShaft snapped.


WeFair #Sneakpeek !

Here is an excerpt from today’s efforts:

“I really wish you would say something.”  Thomas said to his granddaughter.

She did not respond.

Nearby half of the wedding dress stood on its own missing the upper half.  Fair still wore the rest.  She sat in booth and stared out the window at the passing pine trees.

“I have a whole wardrobe of clothes for you to wear.”  He gestured towards a cabinet.

She still did not respond but stared silently.

Thomas threw his hands in the air.  “You will come to thank me in time for getting you out of that.”

Fair turned back to her grandfather and narrowed her eyes.

He stepped back from the glare and pulled at his fingertips.

“I need to see to the train.”  He finally said and made for the front of the car.  “Ben will see to anything you need.”

Fair looked at the other end of the car and saw the conductor stood sentry at the door.  She turned her glare back at her grandfather.

“Jewel, surely –”

“WeFair!”  Fair stood up suddenly and closed half the distance between them before continuing.  My name is WeFair Earlborn de…”

She paused and looked at her hands before correcting herself.  “No, just WeFair Earlborn.  You will address me properly.”

Thomas grasped at his chest on hearing these words.  He turned and left the cab without saying anything else.  He closed the door gently behind him.  She saw him through the window pause at the next door for a moment and look back at her before disappearing into the forward car.

Fair turned around and aimed her fury at Ben.

“Get out!”  She ordered him.

Ben stood stoic.

“You are to see to my needs and I need you to leave!”  Fair demanded again.

He shook his head.  “Thomas has ordered me to keep an eye on you.”

WeFair moved quickly at him and he flinched as she stuck her finger in his face.  “What do you think I am going to do?  Jump off a moving train?  That would be quite stupid.  Do you really think he meant for you to keep your eyes on me when I am in my shift?”

He swallowed and shrugged.

“I need to change out of this.”  She said still keeping her angered tone.  “If you do not give me some privacy then I will report to my grandfather what a pervert you are watching a girl as she changes.”

He swallowed again, harder this time.  “Maybe I should check with—”

“Maybe you should get out of this car and give me some privacy.”

He nodded quickly and stepped away from her finger to the door.  He hesitantly opened the door and stepped through.  He kept an eye on her as he closed it.

Fair moved to the door and drew the curtain.  She turned again and let out a huge breath and leaned against the door.  She stayed this way only for a moment before rushing to the other end of the car to draw the curtain there.  She then went to the wardrobe.

“What does he think I am?  Some girly fashion doll?”  She complained as she noted the contents.

Fair went through the selections till she found the most functional dress of them all.  She pulled the remainder of her wedding dress up, lifted her arms up and backed out of it as she pulled it over her head.

As the air hit her shift she felt a chill.  Sweat soaked her undergarments.  A quick inventory of the drawers on the bottom of the cabinet revealed a pile of neatly folded shifts.  She shucked her own and stood naked briefly while selecting a new underdress.  She pulled it over her head and then layered on the selected dress.  She started to close the cabinet but opened it again as an idea struck.  She grabbed another dress from the cabinet and pulled it over her head.  Then another.  Then another.  She kept layering dresses until she felt stiff from too much fabric and no more would fit on her fabric inflated body.

She let the wardrobe hang open and looked back towards the aft car.  Ben would still be standing outside.  She moved to the fore car door and peeked through the curtains.  She did not see anyone in the space so she cautiously opened the door.  Peeking through she got a better look into the forward carriage.  She did not see anyone and so moved into the between space closing the door behind her.

She moved stiffly to the disembarking stairs and threw open the door there.  The wind slammed it against the car.  Pine trees rushed by and the sudden rush of air nearly knocked her down.  She held tight to the rails and put her head through the door.  Looking ahead she saw nothing but trees lining the tracks.

She climbed back up the stairs and down the other side.  The door here also flung open.  She cringed at the noise wondering who might hear it.  She put her head through and on this side of the track the trees grew sparse.  She looked forward and saw a clearing ahead.

A noise from behind her caught her attention.  Her grandfather stood at the open door of the fore car.

“Jewel!”  He called out to her.

“WeFair!”  She shouted up to him and leapt into the open space next to the train.

Her momentum carried her weightless alongside the train very briefly until gravity took over and she slammed into the ground hard and that same momentum sent her rolling in the tall grasses.  Her tumble came to an abrupt end as she slammed hard into something that knocked her straight into blackness.  A few moment later she came to enough to heard the grinding of train wheels and a continuous blast of the engine’s whistle.

“Need to run.”  She thought to herself.

A warm wetness oozed down her forehead and she reached up and found her hair matted and sticky.  She tried to open her eyes and found the light painful.  She realized she hurt over most her body as that pain forced its way into her consciousness.  She tried to lift her other arm and she shrieked in the pain that shocked its way into her body.  Everything went black again.

WeFair in her skivvies! #SneakPeak

Did a bit of writing today, here is a excerpt from that effort:

“Had not the rabbit blossom turned white, there would be no doubt now.”  Lure spoke to her daughter.

Fair stood in only her shift.  Her belly had a definite small bump.

Fair smile at her mother.  “The dress will cover it.”

Lure nodded and ran her fingers through her daughter’s crimson hair.  “I know, but it is kind of magical and seems a shame to hide it.”

Fair nodded.  “But the day is about myself and SoGlog.  Not about the baby.  He,”  she paused a moment, “or she will had a day their own.”

“Many days.”  Lure corrected.  “Once it is born it will be the two of you always doing everything for him or her.”

Fair agreed.  “I know, but SoGlog does not need another thing to worry about today.”

“You know you cannot have the child here, right?”  Her mother asked.  “You need to get to South America and find a Lost Daughter.”

Fair nodded somberly.  “I remember.”

“I want lots of grandchildren so you see get there as quick as you can.”  Lure said maternally.

Fair adjusted herself a little in the mirror.  “I am ready.”

Lure went to the wardrobe and extracted the dress.  Between the layers and crinoline it took up most of the space.  Fair insisted it kept out of sight till today.

A layer at a time Lure extracted the dress and laid the pieces out on the bed until just the frame graced the stand.

With care her mother released the fasteners opening the back of the bracket so that it opened slightly.  Then she reached in and extracted the stand.  The frame sagged slightly but stood on its own.

Fair moved up and started to put her right foot into the opening in the framework.  Her mother put a hand on the front of her shoulder.

“You need to do a constitutional before you get this on?”  Lure asked her daughter.

Fair knitted her brows for a moment then nodded, she made a quick dash for the door.

“Grab a robe!”  Her mother shouted after her.