In case you have not heard, I am giving away a book #FREE today.

That’s right!  You can own your own electronic copy of A Life in After World: SoGlog for nearly any eReader.  Just jump over to Smashwords and pick up your copy.  Act quick!  This is today only!  Purchase using coupon code LL24J.

If you do pick it up, I hope you enjoy it enough to leave me a review somewhere or everywhere.


Did you know I was giving away a #Free eBook today?

That’s right!  Free for nearly any eReader you can pick up an electronic copy of A Life in After World: SoGlog today and today only.  Just my way of making your Friday a little nicer.

Simply go over to Smashwords and purchase is using coupon code:  LL24J

If you do pick it up, please do an author a favor and review it for me.

SoGlog and Shell

#Free book Friday! Get one of my books today for FREE!

One day and one day only I am offering my book A Life in After World: SoGlog for free in ebook format. You can get it for nearly any ebook reader at Smashwords using the coupon code LL24J. Go on over, check it out. And if you get it, I ask that you please review it everywhere you can to spread the word about it.


Wow! a lot of reviews!


I went out and collected my reviews today and found that at nearly 3,000 words, my readers have practically written their own short story about the books.  I compiled them here, probably too long to read, but have a sampling:

A Well Told Story, September 4, 2013

This review is from: Aster (A Life in After World) (Kindle Edition)

While this story is a stand alone, readers who have read the author’s book: “Roe”, will recognize some of the characters from that book in this story. It’s a fascinating read that introduces new elements of Afterworld and comes to a satisfying conclusion. My main criticism is my feeling that certain religious aspects need to be explored in more detail, but aside from that, I really enjoyed reading this book. I recommend it to others who have read “Roe”.

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