Writing Vacation

I am going to be out of town for about a week and will do as much writing while gone as I can get away with.  It is going to be a fun 7 days in the middle of nowhere Texas at my dad’s hunting ranch.  We have quite a lot of nothing scheduled and if I can find time in between all that nothing then I will do some writing.  Internet is almost non existent out there.

Me, my $7 hat, and Lefty and Pancho the Mustachio Brothers


Photo credit: Bartz Johnson of Debartz Digitalartz

I find now that when I write I like to wear my $7 hat.  Its a straw hat I picked up in a feed store in the middle of no where while on the way to Del Rio.  It is very light and lets a breeze through while still providing good shade.  Of course the breeze in my writing room is provided by a cheap WalMart box fan and the only light being shaded is the utra-compact florescent bulb attached on the ceiling here.  But I like it and I wear it often while writing.

The Mustachio Brothers only come out for special events.  Lefty tends to be shy while Pancho is ready to stand up against anything.

What is After World?

afterworld-logoWhat is After World?

To understand After World, you have to understand what came before it.

Due to a solar storm caused by Mercury plunging into the sun the entire Earth is cast into a blackout in which nothing running on electricity works.  Thus dawns the Red Sun Millennia.  It is over a thousand years before that sun sets and the yellow one reappears.  During the Red Sun Millennia those people who were weak, unfit for survival, or just could not compete enough for resources died off.  The survivors were a hardier stock of people.  Any advantage that allowed someone to survive a little better than others became part of the genome.

The rising of the yellow sun again marked the start of After World.  A dozen or more of distinct races of humans emerged each with their own advantage be it strength, size, speed, or fur.

A Life in After World focuses on one of the lives in this new place with new people and tells their life story.

What to do at @SpaceCityCon besides get a free #Twinkie with the purchase of one of my books – Support a good cause

It is Friday!  Today is the first day of the con, what are you going to do when you get there?  Buy one of my books?  Go see a panel?  Come by to ask questions about one of the characters in my books?  Participate in the masquerade?  Buy another one of my books?

Well, how would you like to know that by showing up you are supporting a good cause?  The official charity of Space City Con is Kids Need to Read.  A great organization that not only nurtures literacy, but also fosters creativity in our youth.  Run by their site, check them out, and find them at the con, thank them, then dig deep and pull out that wallet and give them a little extra.  It won’t hurt and certainly will help!

kids need to read*Free Twinkie with book purchase is while supplies last, quantities are limited

#Win at @SpaceCityCon Tomorrow #Details

I will be at Space City Con tomorrow premiering two of my books and the third book is premiering with its new cover.  To celebrate this and to promote visitors to the booth to come look at the books, I am having a give away contest.  Prizes will include free books!  (I am an author, I cannot afford much more than that, sorry)

How do you enter?  How do you play?  How do you win?  Details will be available when you find the code at the convention.  When you find the code, come to the table and do at the code says.  If you find the code and cannot read it, please come by the table and we will read it for you free of charge so that you can participate.

Matrix-after-world-logoGo check out Space City Con!