What to do at @SpaceCityCon besides see me – Join the Rebel Legion!

Let’s face it, you are excited to see me at the convention.  Yes you are.  At least pretend?  See I knew you were excited to see me!

But what else is there to do?  How about Join the Rebel Legion?

Rebel Legion Kessel Base Serving Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas

That’s right! They have an outpost and you can join up with them to help fight off the unfair ruling and forced trade agreements brought on by the Empire headed by the Sith Lords.

Check out the Rebel Legion and Join their ranks!  They need you!



Oh, so your Midichlorian count rivals that of the Skywalkers combined and you feel you need to embrace the force?  Alright, there is something for you too!  Check out the Lone Star Jedi!  That’s right!  We have Jedi right here in Texas!  You too can learn to swipe a light saber at a target drone with the blast shield down!  Join and shoot womp rats in your T16!  Trust the force and turn off your iMaps (er, targeting computer).  Visit them at the show and check them out on Facebook (Please like their page).

What?  This still has not satisfied you as much as seeing me at the con?  (remember we are still pretending right and you don’t like to see me cry?)  We then maybe you are better suited for wearing white armor (or black).  Join the Star Garrison of 501st Legion and help the empire crush that rag tag bunch of rebel scum.  Can’t shoot worth a darned!  That’s fine, that is not a requirement when you are  apart of Darth Vader’s Fist!

You see there are plenty of things you can do when visiting Space City Con!


Excerpt – SoGlog – Missing melons

“I had your ship unloaded as you asked; they are now just finishing with loading it with steel.”  The porter said as SoGlog walked right past him.

Instead of going towards his ship, he went towards the porter office.

“Your ship is docked over there sir!”  The porter saw what direction the boatman went and stopped in his tracks.

His fears were confirmed when the boat captain went right into the office and disappeared inside.

“Dear God, No!”  The porter said weakly and then ran to catch up.

SoGlog stood behind the desk looking underneath.  Just under the desk were five crates of melons.

“I can explain!”  Frankie attempted.

SoGlog held up a single finger to silence him and then bent down and picked up one of the crates.  He placed it on the desk and then bent down and pulled out the other crates.  These he dumped out onto the floor.  Melons quickly covered the whole office floor.

Frankie could only stand there breathing deeply.

Then, carefully and methodically, the boat captain proceeded to crush each melon with his foot creating a red slippery mess over the entire floor.  Green rinds, red melon meat, and black seeds covered everything.

“You gave me one of those crates.”  Frankie said weakly.  “You gave it to me.”

The trader stopped stomping long enough to give the porter a dirty look.  The porter did not say anything else.

Once he dispatched all the melons on the floor, SoGlog picked up the remaining crate and stepped past the now hyperventilating porter.

Inside the Harbor Master’s office SoGlog set down the surviving crate of melons.  “As promised, your porter was holding it for you and I told him I would bring it over for you.”

The harbormaster looked down at the melon covered shoes.  “Looks like you have been swimming in melons.”

“Just a little accident with a crate.”  The captain stated.  “See you next time.”

The trade house workers were just closing up the last cart.

“She ready?”

The remaining worker nodded, “You may want to check in with the porter.  I saw him carry off a couple of loads.”

SoGlog pointed at his feet.  “Already done.”


Stop by and see me at Space City Con!


Excerpt Roe – Awakened from cloning

“The signal was lost from the transponder and failsafe passed after 72 hours.”  Marylyn responded.

“How long ago?”

The female mechanical voice replied, “Two years, six months, twenty five days, three hours, nineteen minutes.”

Tenicrasious decided he really needed to get a faster system of cloning.  The current system started the cloning process after failsafe and though it sped up maturation it took a little over two years before a body reached a usable state.  This had been a problem he looked to solve for a long time.  He decided the answer may lay with the furries since they mature so quickly.

“What is the status of everything?”  He inquired.

“The geo thermal generators are running at 60 percent.”  The voice started.

“60 percent?” he interrupted.  “Why are they not at full capacity?”

“I had to shut down two generators for operating outside of design limits.  They were putting out too high of voltage.”

Fried regulators most likely caused the over voltage.  He would be able to get by on 60% until he could build new circuits.

“What else?” he asked of the computer.

The outline of a door suddenly appeared in the cylinder as the process completed.

“The Hurats have left the area for some work in Tranton.”

Tenicrasious groaned inwardly at this news while he stepped from the cylinder.  He could hardly expect them to hang around though with no one directing them or feeding them.  He would have to find another group of Hurats or lure some away from a neighbor.

“The Strider returned from your outing during failsafe.”  She intoned.

“Well, at least I will not have to build a new one of those!” he stated with relief.  He found it very difficult to get parts for any kind of transport short of a wooden wagon and he gave up on those about 700 years ago.  He generally had to manufacture everything himself.

“It recorded the incident which caused failsafe.”  Marylyn informed him.  “Would you like to view the file?”

“Goodness woman!  Do you think I want to see my own death?”  He raised his voice with a harsh tone.  He regretted it a moment after when he did not get a response from the computer.  Although she did not have feelings, she had learned to react to his emotions appropriately and in this case she seemed offended.

“No,” he said a bit calmer, “please delete the file.”

“Deleted” she said flatly.


Stop by and see me at Space City Con!


Excerpt Aster – Chidog

“I know why the animals and people are gone!”  He said with a terrified tone in his voice.

“Why?  What is going on?”  Sister Mari demanded.

“There is a Chidog in the area.”

“What is a Chidog?”  She asked.  Nothing emerged from her bottomless knowledge that gave her a clue.

“It is a dog about the size of a small horse.”  He explained.  “They are nasty beasts and they ravage farms and destroy entire herds of animals.  We have had a couple attack the chugs before.”

The howl came a bit closer to the barn and sent chills down Sister Mari’s spine.

“How do we get rid of it?”  She asked.

The door rattled as something large hit it.  Both jumped at the noise and moved away from the door.

“They are very hard to kill.”  He said.  “They are like two dogs at once.  Literally.  We had one dissected and it had duplicates of all the organs, even a second brain.”

The door rattled again with another hit then they heard shuffling around the outside of the barn.  It moved very loudly around the building scratching at different places looking for a weak spot.

Sister Mari pointed up and Steven saw what she meant.  In the rafters they should be out of reach of any ground animals.

Steven formed a step with his hands and the nun fought to pull herself in the the rafters.  Once secure she held a hand down and he jumped up to take it.  He nearly upset her balance but after he steadied himself she pulled him up enough so that he could grip a board.

In the corner of the barn next to the pallet they heard a loud crunching sound as the beast ripped wood out of the wall.

Sister Mari looked towards the noise and could just make out the teeth of a huge mouth trying to find purchase on another piece of wood.  It found it and treated them to another loud crunch as the chidog pulled out another board.  A very broad face squeezed through the hole and sat there for a moment smelling the air inside the barn.

“I could really use a cannon about now.”  He whispered.

“Sshh!”  She admonished him.


If you are at Space City Con be sure to stop by and see me!spacecityconlogo


@SpaceCityCon is at the end of the week, what will I do? #SWAG #Contest

So are you ready for the BIGGEST Science Fiction convention Houston has seen in years?  So huge that the dealer’s room and artist alley had to double from the original gigantic size just to accommodate all the awesome?

What could make it any better?  FREE STUFF!

I will have logo buttons and book marks at the table for free.

Look around the convention for a code on how to turn that swag into a chance to win books!

Check out Space City Con!