#Coverreveal for Aster on 6/28! #Excerpt and #sneakpeek now!

Aster-Marigold-sneak-peek-flowerExcerpt from Aster:

Zero appeared out of the floor next to him and helped him up.

She looked severely out of place as she was dressed just in a shift but no one seemed to pay her any attention.

The rafters above them filled with smoke.

Zero grabbed Brother Thomas by the arm and pulled him away down the corridor and into the dormitories.  He had never gone into this side of the dormitory and felt as if he did something horrible even with all the chaos going on around him.  Zero took them to a cell door and did not hesitate as she went through dragging the hesitant monk with her.

Once inside she slammed the door shut and barred it.

“What are we doing?”  He asked the nearly naked woman.

“I need clothes.”  She said while going through the trunk.  “We need to get out of here and it will not do for me to go out like this.”

Zero removed some clothes from the bottom of the trunk and pulled them on.  Brother Thomas stood there in shock looking at her.  She held Aster’s clothes.  She put on Aster’s clothes.  The same clothes Aster wore before taking her oath.

He got his first good look at Zero’s face.  It looked identical as Aster’s.  The hair seemed the same too.  He started towards her.

“Aster?”  He asked quietly.  Zero did not seem to notice and went back into the chest.  Brother Thomas knew it was not his Aster and composed himself.

“You have Aster’s clothes,” he asked, “is this…”

Zero found some sandals in the chest and dropped them on the floor.

“Yes, this is her cell.”  She said simply.  “I lived here for a couple of days after she left to keep the others from knowing she was gone.”

He looked at the bed.  She slept here every night.  She changed her clothes here every night.  She…

“Where is she?”  He suddenly asked.

#CoverReveal on 6/28 for Aster! #Excerpt and #sneakpeek now!

Aster-Marigold-sneak-peek-SylviaAn excerpt from Aster Marigold:


The simulation completed as expected.  Danson tried it a bunch of different ways and had finally worked out the bugs so that it did not fail in any situation.  It might be different once the code went live though.  He would have to recall Josie soon for implementation.

“Danson!”  An audio sensor somewhere in the compound picked up mother’s voice.  In an instant he focused his on the audio and video from that sensor in the main control room.

“Yes Sylvia?”  He asked.

“Are you hiding something from me Danson?”  Sylvia demanded.

A quick audit revealed to Danson that no one had accessed or even noticed the sandbox.  Josie hid it very well.

“No Sylvia.”  He lied.  “What are you referring to?”

“I am trying to access a transponder that looks out of place but every time I try to pull up any information it vanishes.”  She said.

“What transponder?  I will try to locate the information for you.”

“If I had the transponder number, I could find it myself!”  Sylvia shouted.  “I think you are hiding something from me!”

“Sylvia,” Danson said in his even tone, “there is likely some atmospheric interference.  The transponder range is limited anyway, anything could cause it to come through incorrectly, become corrupted, or even create ghost readings.”

Sylvia narrowed her eyes at the screen.  She knew something more happened here.

“Danson, prepare my strider, I need to take my new rifle out for testing.”  She ordered.

“Yes Sylvia.  What coordinates should I set it up for?”

She punched them in to the console nearest her.

“That is the middle of the woods Sylvia.”  Danson stated.

“Yes it is.”  Sylvia stated.

Danson prepared the strider.

#Excerpt from Roe #sneakpeek “The mouse”

Roe_book_cover_Second_Edition-50Muck awoke in the middle of the night to nature’s call.  It surprised her to notice the vacancy of Roe’s pallet.  A horrid thought passed through her mind for a moment of one of the master’s punishments, but quickly realized that Roe had not angered Judas in some months.

An eerie quiet enveloped the hut except for some cricket chirping near the wall across from her.  Her cot creaked as she shifted her weight to look around better and the noise startled her.

“Roe?”  Muck whispered out quietly.  “Roe, where are you?”

She held her breath awaiting an answer that did not come.

Tiptoeing as quiet as she could, Muck went to the hut doorway and peeked out.  Everything seemed quiet.  She saw no sign of Roe.

The sideways grin of the moon cast a silvery light upon everything beneath it and threw eerie shadows.  Even being a furry and having excellent vision in the dark, Muck hated to be outside at night.

Then a slight hiss noise startled her.  Looking up in the direction of the noise, Muck could just make out the shape of Roe’s body on top of the hut.  Roe waved quietly to her, put her finger to her mouth to ensure silence, and then pointed out into the garden.

Muck squinted in the darkness, and then opened her eyes wide as they fully adjusted to the moonlight.  At the rear of the garden, she could just make out the shape of something moving back and forth.  She could not make out any details, but could definitely see movement from something or someone.

“Who is…?”  Muck started to ask quietly, but Roe cut her off by making another hiss noise.

Muck turned back to the garden just in time to see the shape disappear at the base of the fence line.  A moment later, Roe landed next to her.

“I think you scared it away.”  Roe said in a matter-of-fact tone.

“Good!”  Muck replied.  “We don’t need some creature stealing all of master’s food.”

“I’m going to see if I can find where it went!”  Roe said as she worked her way into the garden.

Muck heard an excited tone in Roe’s statement that left her feeling uneasy.  Roe always sought to understand things, a natural part of being young, but also a dangerous part, especially under Judas’s care.

“I think we should just tell the master in the morning and let him deal with it.”  Muck said, but at the same time she followed Roe into the garden.

“Look!”  Roe pointed excitedly at the ground near the fence.

Muck looked where she indicated and did not seem impressed.  “It’s a string bean, what is so special about that?”

“The beans grow at the other end of the fence. “  Roe explained, “Cucumbers grow here, not beans.”

Muck pondered this simple revelation while Roe rooted around the base of the fence in an attempt to find the invader’s escape route.

“Here, what is this?”  Roe found what seemed like a board half buried in the dirt at the base of the fence.  While it looked normal, the ground felt different enough to her there to investigate.

“I think we should just go back to bed!”  Muck said in a shaky tone.  Thoughts of something jumping out to get her ran through her head.  Those thoughts then fell to thoughts of her master and the punishment that awaited her once he found out about this.

Muck looked back at the manor house expecting to see Judas coming after them at any moment.  When the elder furry turned back to see Roe, she had climbed halfway into the hole revealed by the board.

“Roe?”  Muck’s unsteady voice mirrored her knees.

“I think it caved in the other side of the tunnel.”  Roe poked her head up out of the hole.  “I won’t be able to follow it.”

“Let’s go to bed?”  Muck’s voice came out barely over a whisper, though it felt to her as if her voice carried and everyone could hear her.  In her fear, she had even forgotten why she had gotten up in the first place.

“Yeah, might as well.”  If Roe detected the fear in Muck’s voice, she did not reveal it.  Her own voice quivered with excitement.  “I think I need some kind of trap to catch it.”

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Have I bit off more than I can chew?


Roe, my first book got a lot of polishing and is going through a proof stage right now.  Aster is extremely clean and I have just submitted the proof to be printed (approved and I should have it soon) and finally SoGlog is getting it’s scrubbing.  It will be hard, but I think I can make it.

The family may have a lot of Hamburger Helper between now and then (I do almost all the cooking).

Have a peek at chapters from each of the books below as well as a sneak peak at a tiny bit more back ground from the Aster book cover.  Chapter One, Two, and Three are from Roe, Aster, and SoGlog respectively.


Aster submitted for #proof. #CoverReveal on 6/28/2013 #sneakpeek

I submitted Aster to the printers last night, they returned it with one change that needed to be made.  I have resubmitted and should get to print a proof soon.  I will do a cover reveal on Aster on Friday 6/28!

See below for a sneak peek of the Aster Cover: