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Cover Art by Rafael Rivera
Art Director/ Founder Dylan Brough
Copyright ©2013 Soul Interface Studios • soulinterfacestudios.com

Aster tells the life story of a girl who wakes up as a teenager with no memory of who she is or even her name. She finds though that she has some amazing medical skills. She finds a home in a church working in their hospital. She struggles daily to find herself.  It is a post-apocalyptic story of love, hate, war, mutant dogs, computers, and apples.

Aster Marigold is expected to be published by mid-July.

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#Coverreveal tomorrow. #Free #smashwords #ebook for stopping by. #Sneakpeek and #Excerpt today

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Today, check out the included sneak peek at the cover and an excerpt from he book A Life in After World: Aster:



Aster-Marigold-sneak-peek-aster-eyes“Danson!”  Sylvia was not in a good mood.  “Would you try to contact Marylyn again?”


“She is online now.”  The computer replied.


“Finally!”  Sylvia sounded exasperated.


“She states that Terry had taken her offline to modify some code.”  Danson stated.


“Well see if Marylyn can get him on the screen so we can talk.”


After a short silence Danson finally spoke again, “He is on his way.  He was in the lab.”


“So how is your girlfriend Danson?”  Sylvia teased.


“”If you mean Marylyn, she is fine.”  He stated.  “She is more of a sister than a girlfriend.  We have the same father.”


“Whatever.  You enjoy chatting it up with another one of your type.”


“Yes Sylvia, it is quite refreshing to speak with someone with my same intelligence level.”  Danson said.


“Are you calling me stupid?”  Sylvia flashed back to her earlier bad mood very quickly.


“No Sylvia,” he defended himself, “but we process information much faster than you humans.  Something interesting, Sylvia states Terry has given her a sandbox.”


“What would a computer need with a sandbox?”  Sylvia asked.


“A sandbox is a section in her memory where she can modify her own code, and try it out.”  He explained.  “If it works then Terry implements it.”




“So Marylyn can improve herself.”  Danson stated.


A fur covered face appeared on the screen and interrupted any further discussion.


“What is it Sylvia?”  He asked.


Sylvia broke into giggles.


“When are you going to stop laughing at me?”  He asked pleadingly.


“Sorry, it is just so funny!”  She said through her giggles.


“Fine.”  He said.  “Call me back when you grow up.”


“No!  Wait Terry!”  She begged.  “I don’t mean it.  The fur is actually kind of cute.”


“Now I know you want something.”  He came closer to the screen.  “What is it?  Is Danson acting up?  Strider broke down?  You know I have not even finished rebuilding mine.”


“No Terry.”  She said.  “I lost my gun.”


“Did you save any pieces?”  He asked hopefully.


“No, I was kind of too busy dying.”  She stated.


#Coverreveal on Friday! Watch for it here and enjoy this #sneakpeek and excerpt from Aster Marigold!

Aster Marigold is close to ready to publish.  I have the proofs arriving very soon and I am frantically polishing this and two other manuscripts at the same time.  Look for Roe to be re-released along with two new books Aster and SoGlog in July.

Please enjoy this sneak peek at the cover and a short excerpt from the book Aster:



“Daughter Five Nine Seven Six Eight?”  A voice woke the daughter from her slumber.

“Yes Danson?”  She said.

“I am sorry to report that you are no longer leader of the Lost Daughters of the Eternal Mother.”

“What?”  She asked and tried to sit up.  A more important question suddenly came to her.  “Danson!  Where is my arm?”

“You lost it somehow.”  Danson stated.  “I do not have details; I only received your transponder’s call for assistance.”

“Well, when is Mother going to terminate me for not having an arm?”

“She already has.”  The computer said simply.

“Am I dead?  Are you God?  I would be seriously disappointed if you are God Danson.”

“No, you were not terminated.”  Danson explained.  “I put you in a coma and slowed your vitals to make you appear dead and to prevent you from losing any more blood.  I then had some other Lost Daughters retrieve you and start work on your repairs.”

“Who are these Lost Daughters?”  She asked.  “I was the leader of them and only met one.  I think she was one.”

“You met two.”  Danson said.  “Although Sister Mari is a special case.”