Listening to Mumford and Sons while I #amediting. What do you listen to when #writing?

It is asked a bunch.  Do you listen to the same music when you are writing or do you vary it?  Do you listen to the type of music that will be reflective of the writing you are planning on doing, or is it the opposite and the music you listen to changes what you are writing?soglog-sneak-peek-shell

I listen to various things and will often key what I am listening to to what I am about to write but that is not always the case.  If I just need some noise I will put on music that I do not know the words to so that the music will not distract me and just provide back ground noise.  If I know the words to the music (I know the words to most everything I listen to) then I may get more caught up in the music than the writing.

Oops, while typing this Mumford and Sons stopped, now I have put on Outkast.

#Solarflare impact possible tomorrow

May has been a very busy month for the Sun.

There have been numerous eruptions on the Sun this month coming from an active area AR1748.  It has shown eruptions twice on May 13, once on May 14, and once on May 15.  These have all been X Class flares and it is more X Class flares from this one spot than from every other sun spot during the last year combined.  There may be more on it’s way.

The eruption from May 15 sent a coronal mass ejection (CME) our way.  Scientists are predicting a 40% chance of a glancing blow to the earth from this X1 flare which will likely cause polar geomagnetic storms.  If you live up north (Or really really far south), watch for Auroras.

Scientists also predict there is about a 60% chance that this spot is going to erupt again and it is currently earth facing which would mean we would get the brunt of the blow.

Check out Space Weather for more information and up to the minute updates at

#Guestblog over at Lawrence O’Bryan’s @LPOBryan on #Speculative Fiction

Today I am featured over on Lawrence O’Bryan’s blog with an article on Speculative Fiction.

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Lawrence is a number 1 Best Selling mystery writer dealing in conspiracies and murder.  Check out his books The Istanbul Puzzle and The Jerusalem Puzzle.   The Manhattan Puzzle is due out in October!  Watch for it!