Will print Roe to #Proof tonight! Doing final edits. #amediting

Tonight I have pieced all the components together of the book.  I applied the proper formatting to all the chapter titles, I dropped my caps, and I am adding a table of contents.  Lastly I am going over it one more time with a quick scan to see if there are any other changes I can make before proof number one.


Should I use #DropCaps? #amediting (With example)

I am working hard to get Roe ready for proof printing and while I am assembling the novel, it is a good time to add drop caps if I want them.  I do not want big huge gaudy things or intricate works of art.  Just something that brings a little attention and class into the book.  Take a look at the sample below and let me know what you think.  Drop me a comment.


Final edits on Roe: A Life in After World (SE) are hereby started. Proof will be printed soon. #amediting

Roe_book_cover_Second_Edition-50I have already published Roe but did so a year ago and I was never happy with the cover.  I  have the new cover now and rather than just throw it on, I thought I would make the entire book better all around.  There were typos, misspellings and I even found a plot hole.  I edited it for passive voice and my lovely editor (wife) has gone through it (again) with a find tooth comb.  Now it is up to me to run through all the markup and approve or change her changes and then it will be time to proof the book.  We will likely have two proofs unless things don’t go well.

Starting the “De-Was-infication” of next novel. #amediting

I have finished a pass on SoGlog Southfield and have now picked up editing Aster Marigold.  First edit will be to remove passive voice which means going through the document and looking for every instance of WAS and rewording where necessary.  There are currently >1220 instances of WAS in the book.  I would like to get that under 200.

I leave most instances of WAS when used in dialog because that is just how people talk.  There are other cases when was is just what is called for and is needed.  But most of the WAS instances was lazy writing.


It is official! I will be at @SpaceCityCon August 2 – 4

I was late in signing up for Space City Con and missed out on the Artist Alley tables.  Fortunately they just had space open up in the corridor that will give me even better exposure.  Look for A Life in After World at Space City Con this August!

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