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I want my #MTV

I want my MTV!

The cry of a generation came to us in an analog format of 480i in 8 bit looking graphics and while it was or got turned into one of the greatest marketing campaigns of all time.  It is right up there with the choir in the snow holding candles and wanting to teach us to sing.  Also a music related campaign.

What is it about music that makes us want it so much?  I don’t know but we do.  We want our MTV.  The problem though is that we don’t have it anymore.  Oh sure, we have a channel that calls itself MTV.  But it does not have music on it.  What does it have?  One word:  Snookie.

But do we still want our MTV?  Dang yes and darned tooting we do.  (Had I been under proper MTV influence then you might have gotten something a little less cheesy there)  So what do we do?  We go out there and look for a replacement, a binky if you will.

So what do we have to choose from?  Glee.

You see what you have driven us to MTV?  We want our MTV and have to go somewhere else for it and the only thing really left out there is over choreographed, autotuned, old people pretending to still be young and in school.  Oh, and under-aged sex.  I need not mention that nothing they do on there is original any more.  Everyone knows about the blatant rip of Johnny C (quack) (If you do not, google it).  But I have been watching them reenact viral videos from YouTube for some time.  The wedding march scene is a poor excuse for the original video.

I want my MTV.

What else is there out there that could possibly fill the void?  Flash mobs, game shows, and TV shows that occasionally everyone breaks out of character and sings.  They even do it on cartoons.  I give you Phineas and Ferb and Adventure Time as prime examples.  One of the best Drew Carey episodes I have seen is Rocky vs. Priscilla in which they break out in song.  Favorite Buffy episode?  Once More with Feeling.  Guess what they do.  They sing.

And what else is there?  Idol, those spnning chairs, and ___ Got Talent.

I want my MTV.

I give you all this as evidence that we want our MTV.  Do you hear us television execs?  There are enough channels with Snookiesque junk on them.  What we want is Music.  Sure we can get it from YouTube, but what we really want is our MTV.

I want my MTV.

There is nothing like the pure awesomeness of a Bat Out of Hell followed by Jack and Diane and then before the commercial break squeeze in some Billy Joel.  Okay, there could be something like that.  It could be The Cave followed by Om Nashi Me and then squeeze in some Gorillaz before the commercial break.  It would be awesome.  Instead if we accidently stumble into MTV we see Nikki and Sara.  Sure they’re cute, but they are not what the M in MTV stands for.

I want my MTV.

Save me from Glee.  Save me from poorly singing game show contestants that stop singing just at the hook of the song.  Save me from Snookie.  Give me music.  Put the M back in MTV.

I want my MTV.