An angry red sun broke the horizon marking the beginning of the Red Sun Millennia

Four o’clock on some idle Wednesday.


The world dipped into the sun.  The world in question was Mercury.  The tiny planet consisted of an inconsequential amount of iron when compared to the mass of the sun.  It should have been just a blip and maybe a black spot on the sun.  But the sun was on a precipice.  An impending solar storm was poised and ready to release a fury like no man living or dead had ever seen.  Mercury was just the tipping point.

The solar storm released lashed out tendrils of magnetically charged plasma which over ran the Earth’s Van Allen Belts.  The feedback into the Earth’s magnetosphere caused fluctuations in the magnetic axis.

The ongoing solar storm fury continued on for over a thousand years.  This is hardly the blink of an eye in cosmic terms but for those on Earth it created a whole new world in which survival was no longer easy.  Nothing electrical worked due to the constant fluctuations of magnetosphere and the atmosphere was heavily charged making for fierce electrical storms.  At night people could no longer see the stars.  The skies at all parts of the world lit up at night with auroras bright enough that you could read by.

Another effect was that the sun was putting out less heat during the storm.  This resulted in a global cooling.  The immediate effect was super storms breaking out all over the globe  due sudden differences in temperature.  The long term effect was that the planet entered a new ice age in which polar tundra extended out much further.  In the Americas glaciers started for form in the northern parts of the United States.  These glaciers are still melting in After World.


New #CovertArt artist selected @SoulInterface

After a grueling weekend of going through lots and lots of portfolios (The grueling part was having to say “No” to so many fabulous artists) I have come to a decision on our new cover artist.  I am going to be working with Soul Interface Studios.  They has awesome eye catching pieces and out of 60 portfolios I browsed, this one stood out the most.  Stop by their site and take a look at their great previous works.


Character: Feldsharp Halftall

Name: Feldsharp Halftall

Race: Half Giant

Age: 47

Description: Towering above normal humans Feldsharp is a little more than nine feet tall.  His head is covered with a very scraggly mop of brown which sometimes gets down into his face.  He wears a well fitted shirt for his size though there are always stains on the front.  His pants are made of tent tarp but are well made and fit him perfectly.  He sports enormous feet well shod with leather boots that have steel plates in the heel and under the toes to strengthen the sole.

General: Feldsharp is a spawn of a normal human male and a female giant.  He is the only half breed in his large family of many brothers and sisters.  He was treated as a runt and an outcast.  At an early age he left his village to strike out and find his place in the world where he did not belong to either race.  He is actually extremely smart and well spoken.  When dealing with people though he found that the way to get the best result out of anyone is to act stupid when he is talking.  If he acts too intelligent around giants he is ridiculed and abused.  When he acts too intelligent around humans they become suspicious and do not trust him.  In trying to find himself he traveled all over the southern regions making friends, and some enemies, along the way.  He fell in love once with a regular human but was betrayed by her.  Between them they had a son named CoFeld.  He finally found his calling as a city guard in Saint Ellwood.  Here he is respected and looked up to by most and he finds ways of helping those that cross his path in any way he can.

Appears in:
A Life in After World: Roe
A Life in After World: Aster Marigold
A Day in a Life in After World:  Maggie

Chapter One #Review: Everville: The First Pillar by Roy Huff @evervillefans

Title of book: Everville:  The First Pillar

Author:  Roy Huff

Genre:  Epic Fantasy




Readability:  I found it a fairly easy read hampered only by slight editing errors.

Hook:  After a nice introduction of duality we are left to wonder and want to know more.

Editing:  There were minor editing issues interspersed throughout the chapter.  Nothing was major or took away from the meaning but it was enough to be noticeable.

Characters:  We are introduced to two main characters.  The first is the main character.  To this point, and I went back through real quick to be sure, he has no name.    He is referred to as either “I” or “you” in the first chapter.  I myself will often hide a person’s name from the reader until such time that it has been revealed by someone saying their name.  So this did not detract.  “I” is confused through the entire chapter and does not have much character development.
The second person we are introduced to is simply The Keeper.  He appears to be some kind of wizard or technologist.  There is a little bit of development with him in you get his level of intelligence and no nonsense attitude.  He got right down to business.

Understandable:  In a very short time the book travelled between two different worlds and at points appeared to have some intermesh between them.  Through this through it was written well enough that I was able to understand and follow what was going on.

Visuals:  Visuals were very good in this chapter and helped you to keep track of where you were. 

Relatable:  I related with the situation of the main character in school and found myself wanting to know more about him after the chapter was done.  The level of reliability may have been enhanced by the fact that the main character does not have a name yet.  It is easy to slip into the character’s shoes because there has not been that demarcation that he is in fact not the reader.

Fun:  It was a fun read of discovery and confusion.

Overall:  From step one through to the end of the chapter there is something happening to the character and it flows through and comes out well leaving me wanting more.  I found myself wearing the shoes of the main character and experiencing his tribulations. Except for some minor editing issues, it was a good read and I plan to read the rest of the book based on my experience.

Synopsis:  A kid is sick and goes to the nurse’s office.  As he arrives he passes out but instead of the darkness of unconsciousness he finds himself transported into an entirely different world.  Before he can get his bearings he is whisked back to his original reality without a clue as to if what he just experienced was real or not.

 Favorite line:  We are somewhere between here and there, sometime between yesterday and another day.