To help build up the release of my next books I am starting another #free short story series

SoGlog Southfield and Aster Marigold are both in editing stages and should be released soon.  In honor of the pending release, I am going to start a new short story series entitled A Death in After World.  This will be a raw first person telling of an individual’s death in detail.  It is not for all readers and not for faint of heart.  No fairy tale endings.

Some of the deaths will be from other Life in After World stories and others will be individual tales that stand alone.

Finished initial edits on one book and finished writing another #amwriting #amediting

Whew!  It has been a bit of a week the last week.  I have unused PTO from work that was to expire and I decided to use that time to get some writing work done.  I have done so and on SoGlog Southfield I have finished initial edits and I am about to go into proof editing.  On the next book I finished writing Aster Marigold.

SoGlog Southfield was my entry for NaNoWriMo that I finished in 12 days at over 80K words.  It is the tale of a boy who lives literally on the seas that becomes infatuated with a girl who lives on land.  It follows his life as he grows up and he fights to prove himself worthy of her love.

Aster Marigold is a tale of a clone tossed aside and disposed of, except she is still alive.  She stakes out her own life in a nunnery unaware of the “family” she has left behind.  WIth absolutely no memory of who she is, she takes over the infirmary and helps the church become a name for itself with the care it gives.

Look for these to be hitting the eBook shelves soon and real shelves in the spring.

Map: Tribes of the Gulf in After World

I have spent a bit of time today for my reference as well as you the reader’s enjoyment mapping out where everyone in the Guld calls home.  There are more tribes here than are present in the SoGlog Southfield story.  They may be features in future novels.


Cuba is still in existance and operating as a nation instead of individual city states like most of the rest of the world.

The Campche collective is a bunch of tribes and city states that are loosely affiliated through treaties and is heavy controled through corruption and privateering.

Atlantis is the group of islands in the Atlantic east of Florida and includes the highly contested atoll called moon island.  Cuba and Atlantis have been in a centuries dispute over the ownership of this island and it has come to war a couple of time.  Atlantis is fairly advanced and civil community that tries to keep to itself in most things but will not relinquish Moon Island.

I #amediting SoGlog Southfield this week

I have nearly two weeks off of my normal daily grind answering technical support calls so I am making use of that time by editing SoGlog Southfield for publishing as well as I will finish writing Aster.  I am also going to contact the cover artist this week and see if he has any progress report for me.