Chapter One Review: Spill by @JIGreco

Title of book: Spill

Author: J. I. Greco

Genre: Science Fiction




Readability: I had a fairly easy time reading it.  The writing in present tense caused a couple of awkward parts but overall it was very readable.

Hook: The excitement of the first chapter turned out to be a family dispute on a grand order.  Then Sub-governor gets involved.  There is a bit of a hook wanting to know what the Sub-governor is wanting from them.  The excitement also hooks you into looking forward to the next battle.

Editing: The editing was mostly well done with a couple of minor issues.  There were a couple of run-on sentences and fragments.  They may have been done on purpose to lend themselves to the action of the moment.  The first paragraph is a single 75 word sentence.

Characters: The characters are well defined and enjoyable.  The characters up to this point are Jim, Dave, the grandmother, the pilot and the car.  The car is definitely a character.  In this one chapter you get a strong feel of how these characters behave without having any of it explained to you.

Understandable: The story line while fast and furious was easy to follow and I understood what was going on through the entire chapter.

Visuals: Greco used excellent visuals throughout the chapter.  Actions were well described as well as the environment.  I particularly liked the visual of the shrunken head with seeds.

Relatable: I found myself not relating so much as living in a fantasy world in which I could relate to this story.  It was all action and was something I would want to be a part of.

Fun: Non stop.

Overall: I would compare my experience with this chapter to the thrill and excitement one experiences when reading a Stainless Steel Rat novel by the great Harry Harrison.  It started with action and ended with a well-deserved smoke break.

Synopsis: Someone throws a shrunken head which is not a shrunken head at Jim’s car and he takes it very personally with a firefight that tears up the neighborhood.  His car get scared and runs away.  A blimp shows up and carries them off to find the car.  Should not have gotten grandma that shotgun for Christmas, but she already had all the sweaters she could really use.

Favorite line: The whole neighborhood hates him.  He hates them all back.  It’s a very Zen situation.

New book cover in the works by Vo Nguyen

I have been talking with Vo Nguyen over the last couple of months and I am asking that he do a new book cover for Roe, then we are going to do covers for Aster Marigold, and SoGlog Southfield some time in the new year.  He is an awsome comic artist and you can see some samples of his work at DeviantArt.  Watch for the cover reveal around the late part of the month or early January.