Character: Tenicrasious Gravelder (Terry)

Name: Tenicrasious Gravelder (Terry)

Race: Human (Clone)

Age: 2000+

Description:  Depending on which clone you are encountering, Tenicrasious looks like a normal male, clean shaven and a little bit on the short side.  He is not physically well built.  He had hair somewhere between brown and blonde and brown eyes.  If you encounter Terry, he is a bit shorter, is covered in

General:  Terry was a computer and artificial intelligence expert before the onset of the Red Sun Millennia.  He was working not only on creating an artificial intelligence but on the creation of a system that could read a person’s memories and store them digitally.  He put this knowledge to use in conjunction with Sylvia’s cloning technology to create a clone of himself and then give it his own memories.  He now lives on by having his computer Marylyn clone him and then dump his memories back into the new clone.  He is on a constant drive to find a way to make his body more durable and have shorter cloning periods.

Appears in:
A Life in After World: Roe
A Life in After World: Aster Marigold

Chapter One Review – Provectus: The Road to Salus

Title of book: Provectus:  The Road to Salus

Author:  Jason M. Daniel

Genre:  Science Fiction




Readability:  While it was easy enough to read and follow, it was slightly hampered by paragraphs that were too long.

Hook:  The chapter did have a bit of a hook to it and ended on a tense note encouraging me to want to read more.

Editing:  The chapter definitely needed some editing.  The paragraphs needed to be broken up some, and there were several syntax errors such as using an apostrophe to designate something as being plural.

Characters:  There are only two people we are really introduced to.  The first is the main character Morgan Williams.  His parents are briefly mentioned as are some other family.  The second is his friend Jorjah (named for the state).

Understandable:  I was able to understand everything going on which made the story easy to follow.

Visuals:  There were good action visuals and a little bit of environmental descriptions.  It could have used a little strong descriptions on locations where things were taking place and it would have benefitted from character descriptions.

Relatable:  I found the story relatable and connected with the main character.

Fun:  It was fun to read in the scary kind of way.

Overall:  The first chapter was almost all history and only a little bit of action.  The information though lent itself to keep the story interesting.  With a little bit of editing and some strengthening on the visuals this will make a great book.

Synopsis:  There was a World War and a world government was put in place.  A plague has broken out and affects only children around the ages of puberty.  It is always 100% fatal.  Or is it?

 Favorite line:  I was horrified to learn that my Mom and Jorjah’s Mom decided that a joint family cookout was a good idea.

Race: Chidog

Race: ChiDog /kĪ’-dog/

Appearance: This animal is as tall as a small horse and a broad as a bull.  It is covered in sinew and muscle and is a nightmare to behold.  Besides it’s size, the most remarkable thing about it is the eyes.  They are very large and have two pupils each.  The pupils work independently of each other so one may be expanded while the other contracts.

Advantage: A chidog is a mutated wild dog.  Born originally from a merging of twin dogs while in utero, the chidog had two of nearly everything including brains.  The dog is still of the normal shape of a dog, but multiple muscles sets and organs make them very difficult to kill due to the secondary set of organs being able to fill in for the first while it heals. 
Each brain has its own distinct personality and when both brains are active the two brains will actually combine efforts into a third distinct personality that tends to be a compromise between the two.  It is possible to have one brain like someone and the other not.  As long as the brain that likes that person is awake, they are not likely to attack them.
That being said, chidogs do not like anyone.  They are hunters always on the prowl for their next meal and they rarely sleep.  When sleeping is required, it does it one brain at a time.  When any threat is found, they will rarely back down from it preferring to completely remove the threat for good by killing it.
Chidogs live in the forests and rarely encounter humans, but sometimes a lone animal may stray into a human settled area and will prey on livestock and citizens.

Evolution status: Evolved

Age of adulthood: 2 Years old

Lifespan: 25 years

How to survive #NaNoWriMo without #Twinkies

Twinkies have met their demise and there is still 10 days left to go in NaNoWriMo.  Sure, you still have Mountain Dew, Snickers, and Red Ropes, but Twinkies man.  Why, oh why, did they have to take the Twinkies away?

Nothing quite compares to the instantaneous sugar driven energy rush of yellow cake filled with dreamy creamy goodness.  No my dear Twinkie, we will not forget you, but you will have to excuse us for the rest of the month while we try to get by without you and finish this novel.

First thing to do is determine if there really is no source of Twinkie around.  Check your cabinets and … yeah, I know if you would have had some, then they would already be gone by now.

So let’s rush to Wal-Mart, Kroger’s, and Safeway…. Did that already?

Canada then!  Run to Canada and buy some Twinkies.  Because Twinkies is owned by a different company in Canada the lock of Hostess Goodness is not lacking there.  To far?  YOu don’t really want this that bad, huh?

Okay, so we have confirmed you are flat-out of Twinkie supply.  How do you replace it?  Well let’s look at what you are replacing:  300 pure unadulterated calories (150 per cake, but who eats just one?) stuffed into a sponge cake and filling.  The best substitute would be to make it homemade*.  Get yourself some moist yellow cake mix and add a box of instant vanilla pudding to it, cut the water out of the recipe, use 4 eggs and enough vegetable oil to bring it together and smooth.  Cook till done. Where is the cream filling though?  It is too much work to put it inside so we will put it on top. (If you must have it inside, then cut entire cake in half long ways into two separate … Told you it was too much work)  But what to top it with?  Sweetened whipped cream.  You could use Cool-Whip, Reddi-Whip, or some other stuff for this, but you will not truly get what you desire.  You need to whip your own.  Buy a pint of whipping cream and beat it with a mixer with up to half a cup of sugar (to taste) until it is nice and stiff.  Spread it on top.  Cut and eat.  Or bring entire cake to the computer so you will not have to keep going back to the kitchen.  Besides if you leave it in the kitchen, it will be unguarded.  You don’t want that.

Too much work?  Geez! you are hard to please.  Go buy a generic cream filled sponge cake.  They are cheaper any way.

*from a box.