Race: Chidog

Race: ChiDog /kĪ’-dog/

Appearance: This animal is as tall as a small horse and a broad as a bull.  It is covered in sinew and muscle and is a nightmare to behold.  Besides it’s size, the most remarkable thing about it is the eyes.  They are very large and have two pupils each.  The pupils work independently of each other so one may be expanded while the other contracts.

Advantage: A chidog is a mutated wild dog.  Born originally from a merging of twin dogs while in utero, the chidog had two of nearly everything including brains.  The dog is still of the normal shape of a dog, but multiple muscles sets and organs make them very difficult to kill due to the secondary set of organs being able to fill in for the first while it heals. 
Each brain has its own distinct personality and when both brains are active the two brains will actually combine efforts into a third distinct personality that tends to be a compromise between the two.  It is possible to have one brain like someone and the other not.  As long as the brain that likes that person is awake, they are not likely to attack them.
That being said, chidogs do not like anyone.  They are hunters always on the prowl for their next meal and they rarely sleep.  When sleeping is required, it does it one brain at a time.  When any threat is found, they will rarely back down from it preferring to completely remove the threat for good by killing it.
Chidogs live in the forests and rarely encounter humans, but sometimes a lone animal may stray into a human settled area and will prey on livestock and citizens.

Evolution status: Evolved

Age of adulthood: 2 Years old

Lifespan: 25 years

Race: Giants

Race:  Giants

Appearance:  Human in shape and appearance but much larger.  Giants can range from eight to fifteen feet tall.

Advantage:  Huge size and strength gives giants a huge advantage against other races.  They tend to be brutes and take what they need though there are peaceful farmers that use their size to their advantage for working the fields and hauling crops to market.

Evolution status:  Evolved

Age of adulthood:  25

Lifespan:  160

Race: Mice

Race: Mice

Appearance: They appear to be small humans, often mistaken for children.  They are always small and thin and their faces are a little smaller, almost with a pinched appearance.

Advantage: Mice are small to be able to navigate spaces and hiding places that other canot so that they can escape and hide.  They also have a hyperactive immune system which prevents them from being affected by most diseases and poisons.  They also reach adulthood extremely quickly and have short gestation periods which allow them to reproduce rapidly.

Evolution status: Evolved

Age of adulthood: 4

Lifespan: 25

Race: Furry

Race: Furry

Appearance: Furies are built like normal humans but tend to be a little stronger.  Their main difference is that they are covered from head to toe with fur and their noses are often a bit more broad than a normal human.

Advantage: Built for survival in the wilderness, Furries do not require clothing for protection from the elements nor dignity.  They also have an extremely powerful sense of smell which assists them in hunting and avoiding being prey.

Evolution status: Evolved

Age of adulthood: 8 Years old

Lifespan: 50 years