Character: Sugar

Name: Sugar

Race: Mouse

Age: 6

Description:  Sugar is rare among mice in that she tries to keep up a good appearance.  She keeps herself clean and washes her dress regularly.  She is short like most mice and has long brown, hair brown eyes, and a slightly pinched face.  She is often mistaken for a small woman or a child.

General:  Sugar is a public mouse.  She goes out in public and lives with the normal humans.  Because of the care that she takes in her looks, she is tolerated.  She is still restricted from entering most establishments but she is also not killed on sight which is something special in a mouse.

Appears in:
A Life in After World: SoGlog Southfield
A Day in a Life in After World:  SoGlog Southfield
A Day in a Life in After World:  Sugar
A Day in a Life in After World:  Brach

Race: Giants

Race:  Giants

Appearance:  Human in shape and appearance but much larger.  Giants can range from eight to fifteen feet tall.

Advantage:  Huge size and strength gives giants a huge advantage against other races.  They tend to be brutes and take what they need though there are peaceful farmers that use their size to their advantage for working the fields and hauling crops to market.

Evolution status:  Evolved

Age of adulthood:  25

Lifespan:  160

Race: Mice

Race: Mice

Appearance: They appear to be small humans, often mistaken for children.  They are always small and thin and their faces are a little smaller, almost with a pinched appearance.

Advantage: Mice are small to be able to navigate spaces and hiding places that other canot so that they can escape and hide.  They also have a hyperactive immune system which prevents them from being affected by most diseases and poisons.  They also reach adulthood extremely quickly and have short gestation periods which allow them to reproduce rapidly.

Evolution status: Evolved

Age of adulthood: 4

Lifespan: 25

Race: Furry

Race: Furry

Appearance: Furies are built like normal humans but tend to be a little stronger.  Their main difference is that they are covered from head to toe with fur and their noses are often a bit more broad than a normal human.

Advantage: Built for survival in the wilderness, Furries do not require clothing for protection from the elements nor dignity.  They also have an extremely powerful sense of smell which assists them in hunting and avoiding being prey.

Evolution status: Evolved

Age of adulthood: 8 Years old

Lifespan: 50 years

Character: Judas

Name: Judas

Race: Human

Age: 45

Description: Tall and strong, Judas’ most striking feature is that he completely lacks any visible hair.

General:  Judas is a religious fundamentalist that believes that all humans that have deviated in any way from normal humans are blasphemous and should be killed.  He has made it a sport of hunting down furries in particular and putting them on display in his trophy room.

Appears in:
A Life in After World: Roe