Translators are bad with names #excerpt Feldsharp

“What is your name?” Feldsharp went down on a knee and still towered over the little girl.

She looked left and right and then up into his eyes.  “Translator.” She said finally.

“No, that is what you do, what is your name?” Heart knelt down next to Feldsharp.

Translator looked down at the floor and pulled at her fingertips.  She looked up finally.  “I don’t know how to tell you my name.  You have never heard it before.”

“Then just say it.” Heart said.  “Do not translate it, just say it.”

The girl looked down again then over at the sailors.  They all looked away from her.  She looked over at Short One.  He turned away as well.  Finally she looked right at Feldsharp’s face. “Fanyi.”

Feldsharp smiled.

She returned the smile. “No one has ever asked me that before.”

He held out his arms towards her and she ran over to him and he engulfed her in a hug.

“No one has done this either.” She said as she tried to return it but could not even get her arms around his sides.

“Okay. Enough!” Boat Leader said from his place in the room.

“Can you say his name without translating it because I don’t think it is really Boat Leader?” Heart asked.

Fanyi stepped back and shrugged.

Feldsharp stood up and pointed at Boat Captain. “What is your name?” He immediately held up a hand towards Fanyi.

“Bide.” The captain replied.

Feldsharp pointed at Second.

“Bauluo.” Replied the sailor.

He pointed to Third.


He scanned the room till his eyes fell on Short One.


Feldsharp pointed at himself, “Feldsharp Halftall.”

He pointed at Heart. “Heart”

He gestured again towards Fanyi to continue translating.

“That makes more sense.” Bide stated.  “Translators are bad with names.”

“Is there anyone else on this ship that requires the services of Fanyi?” Feldsharp asked.

Bide knitted his eyebrows. “Fanyi?”

“Fanyi is the name of your translator.” Feldsharp stated.  “You would know that if you asked.”

“You do not interact with the translator.”  Bide repeated. “It is not correct to ask it questions.”

“She is a she.” Heart stepped up.

Character: Danson

Name: Danson

Race: Artificial Intelligence (Computer)

Age: 2000+

Description: Danson was the original prototype artificial intelligence computer built by Terry and then given to Sylvia.  He consists of many machines chained together that create redundancy and segregation of tasks and processes.

General: Danson controls all aspects of Sylvia’s base and her automated cloning and consciousness merging processes.  He also controls communications between all the Daughters and with other entities outside of Sylvia’s control.  He always in constant communication with Marylyn which is another AI built by Terry.

Appears in:
A Life in After World: Roe
A Life in After World: Aster Marigold
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A Day in a Life in After World:  Maggie

Character: Tenicrasious Gravelder (Terry)

Name: Tenicrasious Gravelder (Terry)

Race: Human (Clone)

Age: 2000+

Description:  Depending on which clone you are encountering, Tenicrasious looks like a normal male, clean shaven and a little bit on the short side.  He is not physically well built.  He had hair somewhere between brown and blonde and brown eyes.  If you encounter Terry, he is a bit shorter, is covered in

General:  Terry was a computer and artificial intelligence expert before the onset of the Red Sun Millennia.  He was working not only on creating an artificial intelligence but on the creation of a system that could read a person’s memories and store them digitally.  He put this knowledge to use in conjunction with Sylvia’s cloning technology to create a clone of himself and then give it his own memories.  He now lives on by having his computer Marylyn clone him and then dump his memories back into the new clone.  He is on a constant drive to find a way to make his body more durable and have shorter cloning periods.

Appears in:
A Life in After World: Roe
A Life in After World: Aster Marigold

Race: Chidog

Race: ChiDog /kĪ’-dog/

Appearance: This animal is as tall as a small horse and a broad as a bull.  It is covered in sinew and muscle and is a nightmare to behold.  Besides it’s size, the most remarkable thing about it is the eyes.  They are very large and have two pupils each.  The pupils work independently of each other so one may be expanded while the other contracts.

Advantage: A chidog is a mutated wild dog.  Born originally from a merging of twin dogs while in utero, the chidog had two of nearly everything including brains.  The dog is still of the normal shape of a dog, but multiple muscles sets and organs make them very difficult to kill due to the secondary set of organs being able to fill in for the first while it heals. 
Each brain has its own distinct personality and when both brains are active the two brains will actually combine efforts into a third distinct personality that tends to be a compromise between the two.  It is possible to have one brain like someone and the other not.  As long as the brain that likes that person is awake, they are not likely to attack them.
That being said, chidogs do not like anyone.  They are hunters always on the prowl for their next meal and they rarely sleep.  When sleeping is required, it does it one brain at a time.  When any threat is found, they will rarely back down from it preferring to completely remove the threat for good by killing it.
Chidogs live in the forests and rarely encounter humans, but sometimes a lone animal may stray into a human settled area and will prey on livestock and citizens.

Evolution status: Evolved

Age of adulthood: 2 Years old

Lifespan: 25 years

Character: Aster Marigold (Sister Mari)

Name: Aster Marigold

Race: Human (Clone)

Age: 20

Description:  Aster is a clone of Sylvia. She sports the same perfect body structure and corn silk hair.  She does not dress as racy.  She dresses conservatively.

General:  Aster grew up (for the short time that she was still considered a teenager) in an orphanage in Saint Ellwood.  With her innate medical knowledge she took over the infirmary and made the church Sister Saint Uela famous for its medical care until it’s mysterious demise some years later.

Appears in:
A Life in After World: Aster Marigold (unreleased)
 A Day in a Life in After World:  Maggie