Chapter One Review – Grimsley Hollow: The Chosen One

Title of book: Grimsley Hollow:  The Chosen One

Author: Nicole Storey

Genre: Fantasy


ISBN:   1470053454



Readability: Easily readable.

Hook: To me there was only one hook to the first chapter and it was not real strong.

Editing: The editing was very good.  There was one sentence I had some doubt on because it appeared to be a fragment, but on further analysis, it was fine.

Characters: There were several characters.  The main character Gage, his teacher Beasley, His mother Liv, and the fish named after his teacher.  There was the wolf, but I did not learn enough about him to really gain an interest in him as a character.

Understandable: It was easy to follow what was going on.

Visuals: Nicole is very strong with her visuals all through the chapter.  She gave excellent descriptions of outfits, character actions, and the environment.

Relatable: I always felt this way through school.  I know it fairly well and related best with the teachers like Mr. Beasley that made the classes interesting.  Even still I did not want to be there and found myself counting the minutes till it was time to go.  I could totally relate to Gage in this.

Fun: The first chapter was nearly all character build up and very little action to it.  It was a bit slow and I found myself hoping something was about to happen.

Overall:  It was well written and the characters were well-developed, but it did not tug at my interest to make me want to keep turning the pages to the next chapter.

Synopsis: Gage is a kid who does not fit in and does not like school.  Complicating this he suffers from a high function version of autism which inhibits his comfortable interactions with other kids.  There was a large black wolf.

Favorite line: Whoever said that ‘patience is a virtue’ must have been a very boring person.

Favorite character: Mr Beasley with this costumes and unique ways of teaching an otherwise boring subject was my favorite character.  Mr. Beasley the fish was a close second.

Chapter One Review – Osric’s Wand: The Wand-Maker’s Debate @jackdalbrechtjr

Title of book: Osric’s Wand:  The Wand-Maker’s Debate

Author: Jack D. Albrecht Jr. & Ashley Delay

Genre: Fantasy

ISBN:   1466269472



Readability:  I found the chapter to be very readable.  It was well written and I was able to follow everything.

Hook: There is definitely a hook to the chapter that left me wanting to turn the page and move on through the book.  There was a great action sequence that built up to it and it was well presented.

Editing: I did not find any flaws in the editing.

Characters: the characters are very well-defined and described.  You get a feel for the personalities from the interactions between them and from their descriptions.

Understandable: I got a good grasp of what was going on from reading the chapter

Visuals: I would have liked a little more scenery description but otherwise the visuals were excellent.  From the smells emanating from the food to the actions performed by the characters while talking it was a very visual read and I could picture the details in my head.

Relatable: The history and description of Osric made him very relatable as you felt you knew him very well already before the first chapter was over.

Fun: Osric’s Wand fun to read.  There was a lot of history and narrative which has potential to be dry but it is evenly interlaced with interactions which liven it up.

Overall: This was an excellent read and I would suggest to anyone looking for a book to pick it up.

Synopsis: This is a magic endowed world where man and beast live in a respectful peace.  Osric lost has worked and fought hard to work his way up to being a leader in the guard.  He has a major responsibility in the security of a peace accord a thousand years in the making that will bring the races of the world together and end the wars of the world.  Osric is helped along with his duties with his own magical ability as a portentist which gives him the ability to sense when something momentous or bad is going to happen.

Favorite line: Osric looked down in embarrassment and lifted his foot off the tail of an angry squirrel.  It took a swig from a thimble of mead and staggered away, obviously intoxicated.

Favorite character: Gordyn is a gruff old soul that hides a friendly interior and I liked his interactions with Osric and then in turn with his trainee.

One Chapter Reviews

I will be performing one chapter reviews of books here.  Below is information I will gather and ratings and what I mean by them.

Title of book:



URL: This will be a URL in which the book is related to, either a book home page or that is not available then a link to where to purchase it.



Ratings: (title line, this will be blank.

Readability: Is the chapter readable?  Was is something that just flowed off the page to me or was it difficult to follow and i had to re-read it a few times to understand?

Hook: When I was done with the chapter, was I hooked? Did it make me want to read more?

Editing: Although this partially falls under readability, a well written book that reads easy can have very distracting misspellings or grammar so it should be listed separately.

Characters: Are the characters well-developed?  Do I feel like I connected with them?  DO I love/hate them?  (Hating is not a bad thing)

Understandable: Did I understand what just happened?

Visuals: Visuals?  In a book?  Sure, how descriptive is the text?  Did I know what everything looks like?  Note:  Too much description can be a bad thing if nothing is left up to the reader’s mind to fill in its own details.

Relatable: Did I find it relatable?  Do I feel like I am a part of the story or invested in it in some way?

Fun: Was it fun to read or was it a chore?

Overall: What was my overall feeling about reading the book?


Synopsis: What just happened in what I read.

Favorite line: Any line or dialog that really stuck out to me.

Favorite character: Who did I like?  A character is not always a person, it could be an animal or even an inanimate object.