Novel Soundtracks

Since I wrote my first novel Roe I have found that songs really seemed to fit the story.  For Roe it was hands down Radio Active by Imagine Dragons.

Radioactive just has this post apocalyptic and survival of the fittest feel to it that the whole series is about. It also was very popular right at the time I was publishing the book.

My next book was Aster.  It told the story of a near immortal that lived on the thrills of other people’s lives.  The song Counting Stars by One Rebublic really hit this home with their line of “Everything that kills me makes me feel alive.”.  Couple that with the power fluctuations in the lights like af there is something wrong on the power grid like the start of the Red Sun Millenia (Its covered a little bit in the preface of each of my books, read a couple of them).


So then along comes SoGlog Southfield.  The epic of a boy out to win the heart of a beautiful red-head.  Much of the story took place out on the waters of what was once known as the Gulf of Mexico.  He and his people made the Gulf their home by living on ships, boats, and barges.  This is no Waterworld knock-off (Before you ask, because people tend to.) No they knew where land was, they just liked it a lot better out on the water.

What a better song to go with this story but Sail by AWOLNation.

When I first started writing FeldSharp (WiP) I setup Youtube to just go through some odd lists of music.  Feldsharp is the story of a half giant that struggles to find his place in the world.  He neither fits in with the giants who abuse and attack him for being so small, nor the normal humans where he is treated with suspicion and considered an imbecile.  Well the mix was only two songs in when the song On the Brightside by Never Shout Never came on.  The song seemed to be exactly about my book and it is a short little toon you have probably never heard before.

Now I am writing in NaNoWriMo 2017 and my book Grecce’An is about a girl that has telepathic powers. She finds herself outcast from her own people because of these powers and how they conflict with her own mother’s abilities.  With the distrust of her tribe sealing the deal, she sets out on her own to make her own life.  The best song that comes to mind for her story is by the Talking Heads: Radio Head.

I really enjoy the movie version of this song by Tito Larriva

When you are reading or writing a book, what songs come to mind?  Does your reading have a soundtrack?

Comment below.

3,447 words for Grecce’An.

First day of NaNoWriMo down.  I got over three thousand words down on paper.  Feeling really good about it.

Here is an excerpt from the Preface:

“It started as a dream this morning. I dreamed I was at the store, the Wal-Mart over on 41st specifically. It was very vivid. I was in the electronics department. They had the solar telescope views showing on every television. They showed a tiny little black dot on the sun. A count down showed in the corner of the TV. I looked around and everyone around me stood transfixed by the scene. When the counter reached zero, the black dot disappeared and for a moment nothing happened. Then a red spot appeared on the surface of the sun. A moment later all the lights in the store flickered and went out, the backup lights flashed on. Every TV on the rack blinked out. All but one, the one in front of me stayed lit and I watched as the red dot grew and expanded. People around me laughed about the aptly timed power outage happening just at the same time that Mercury hit the Sun but then the backup lights exploded. I mean literally they blasted out away from the ceiling and walls light roman candles. Laughter turned to screams. Everyone started running out of the store. I stood there staring at the one TV still on. The red grew and grew. Eventually it took over the sun. Then the darkness struck. All things appeared dark to me, everything except the Sun. I felt like I floated in space and below me the Sun burned an angry red color. I awoke in a sweat but the darkness still prevailed. I could see, but darkness covered what I saw.”

Author news!

I, Eric Johnson, Author of the Life in After World series have gotten married!

She is a fabulous woman and also a writer. She is encouraging and supportive of my writing habit and is certain to make it happen much more often.  Please keep an eye here for updates.

My current work in progress is the store of Feldsharp Halftall.  If you have read Roe he is the half giant that guards the gate to St. Ellwood.  It is an intriguing story that goes around the world and pits him against all manner is situations.

Watch for teasers!